Pedestrian stump grinder

The DANequip 27SP pedestrian stump grinder has the advantage of narrow access at only 28” (710mm) wide, so will fit through most places, A set narrower wheels come with the machine, the width down to 26” (670mm). The 27SP is compact & well balanced, making it a little easier on the operator to use. Engine is a 27hp Kohler Command, with electric start & low oil pressure alert fitted as standard. The 36cm diameter cutter wheel is 12mm thick, using just 8 standard teeth, producing more than enough inertia, but keeping running costs down. The 27SP has a powerful, variable hydrostatic drive allowing the operator to get the machine to the stump quickly. A 30hp option is now available.
The smaller push/pull model is just under 23” (560mm) wide, the unit is supplied with either a 13hp or 15hp Honda engine, This model uses a 36cm x 10 mm cutter wheel, again using 8 standard finger teeth. The 13PP is a very robust machine, ideal for the hire market, or as a first machine with a smaller outlay.
Tel: 01420 476248
Tel: 01420 474600

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