Muck-truck has launched a range of corporate clothing for their dealers and users both here and abroad.

“The clothing line extends to polo shirts, baseball caps and jackets all bearing
the distinctive company logo. Introduced at the SED show model Cherri Lee was pleasantly surprised at the amount of interest in the new Muck-truck wardrobe she was wearing,” says Muck-truck managing director Terry Rowlands “We are immensely proud of our corporate identity and wish to promote our profile where and whenever we can. This range of high quality durable work wear offers us an opportunity to promote our brand on landscape and construction sites around the world.”

Muck- truck is powered by a 5.5hp Honda engine and can shift ¼ tonne
loads up 30-degree slopes. The hopper is removable to fit a range of
accessories including a flat bed transporter capable of carrying up to 120

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