Stump grinder teeth

Multi-Tip has designed a system with a completely new approach, producing an innovative wheel and tooth combination. The Multi-Tip wheel is a polygon – not a circle. Each opposite tooth pair is a different distance from the wheel centre and yet the wheel is perfectly balanced. This design gives the side cutting (slew) depth required with Multi-Tip providing a wide slew cut as well as allowing plunge cutting. The wheel and teeth are set so that they take the right amount of force, and no more. The teeth fit into the slots placed optimally around the wheel and each slot is wedge shaped, as is one side of the tooth.
The tooth is held in the slot by a Keeper Block and a single bolt through the top. The bolt then fastens to a removable nut, below the tooth assembly. The wedge shape ensures teeth are always tight and this design allows for fast-change teeth, with the bolt needing only 45 foot pounds pressure, which can be done by hand with a small Allen wrench. The bolt is protected from damage by the tooth itself and each tooth has four tungsten tips, meaning that a typical Multi-Tip, compared to a conventional wheel, has more cutting tips addressing the wood in both plunge and slew cutting.
The overall result is increased productivity, low running costs and smoother cutting, with less wear on teeth, less stress on the machine and no compromise on performance. Multi-Tip wheels and teeth are available to fit all major brands of stump grinders and require no special tools.

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