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The Williams F1 site at Grove, Oxfordshire, has taken delivery of the first two Williams FW-4WD ride-on mowers to come off the Countax assembly line. Branded with the Williams Formula One Team logo, the new Williams FW-4WD tractors were gratefully received by Facilities Manager of the 60 acre site, Tim Lightfoot. Tim was keen to put the new mowers through their paces, particularly on the steep grass banks around the Formula One team’s manufacturing facility which are currently cut with a small bank mower.

Tim said; “This will be the first time we’ve managed to cut the grass on these slopes with a ride-on mower, and it’s certainly going to make the job considerably easier. I’m very impressed with the new mower’s capabilities, it’s very easy to drive, even on these steep slopes and the finish is excellent.”

The new Williams FW-4WD is equipped with a 16hp twin cylinder engine, and has been designed to cut and collect grass on slopes up to 30°, as well as in marshy areas of any garden where greater traction is required. The four wheel drive ‘4TRAC’ technology has been developed by Countax specifically for its ride-on lawnmowers, with a unique ability to increase and decrease the turning speed of the front wheels to eliminate scuffing. 4TRAC offers ultimate scuff-free slope performance for the perfect lawn. A Countax built in safety feature, the Electronic Slope Alert, sounds an alarm to warn the operator before reaching an incline too great for safe mowing.

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