The latest T5000 Series tractors bring new levels of power and efficiency to groundcare contractors, local authorities, golf courses and turf growers – that’s the claim at a New Holland press launch in Coventry.

The T5000 Series comprises four models with the power band expanded to a maximum 106hp.

New Holland’s family styling is integrated into the new range. T5000 models feature a modern design with a sloping bonnet to improve the driver’s view of loaders and front-mounted attachments, increasingly important applications for this type of tractor. An updated cab with a new colour scheme adds to the tractor’s modern look and feel. It’s a good driving experience and the all around vision is excellent

Power is supplied by New Holland’s turbocharged 4.5 litre NEF engine with intercooler which is compliant with Tier III emission legislation. Businesses can improve their green credentials and make cost savings with the T5000 series as the engine is capable of running on 100% biodiesel. The four models also offer more horsepower than their predecessors: the T5030 has 76hp, the T5040 86hp andT5050 97hp while the range is topped by the 106hp T5060 model.

Fuel economy has become a major issue for many groundcare businesses, and lower rated engine speeds of 2,300 rpm on T5000 models give an optimum fuel consumption of just 216 g/kWh, unequalled in their class. But this is not at the expense of pulling power – maximum torque levels of up to 425 Nm are available – between 14-16% higher than on the previous models – and up to 40% torque rise can be achieved.

Maximum torque is reached at a lower engine speed of just 1,300 rpm, reducing noise and fuel consumption, while service intervals of 600 hours cut downtime and workshop bills, offering further savings. .

These tractors have more than enough muscle to power a high capacity topdresser up the steepest fairway or take a heavy decompactor into the hardest ground, routine tasks for the workhorses of the industry.

New Holland has always offered plenty of transmission options to precisely suit customers’ own applications and T5000 is no exception. Choices of 12×12 and 24×24 boxes which offer top speeds up to 40kph are now joined by a 12×12 transmission with Powershuttle reverser for unrivalled efficiency on front end loader work. There’s no need to declutch to shuttle backwards and forwards between loads – simply use the steering column mounted lever.

Manoeuvrability is a must in many groundcare situations, and the T5000’s steering angle of up to 60º provides a turning radius of just 4.05m. A completely new four-wheel drive front axle design on the T5000 models has a balanced steering cylinder, for extra ground clearance when moving over tall kerbs and other obstructions. The dynamic mudguards completely cover the tyres with any track setting, without interfering with steering performance.

Hydraulic performance has also been improved by a new dual pump layout for the hydraulic system. Surplus hydraulic power from the 40 litres/min steering pump can be used to increase the main pump flow rate from 60 litres/min to 80 litres/min, considerably enhancing front loader performance.

Rear lift capacity is now 5060kg on the two larger models, sufficient for high capacity implements from wide turf finishing mowers to drainage equipment, and up to three hydraulic services can be specified.

A factory fitted loader option makes the most of the new hydraulic circuit design, offering faster cycle times. Loader work is often a vital role of the utility tractor – filling topdressers, moving mulch, soil and other materials, so groundsmen will be able to improve the efficiency of these operations with the T5000 series.

Front mounted mowers, sweepers and snow clearing equipment offer improved productivity and all new T5000 models can be fitted with an optional front linkage and PTO assembly, increasing versatility.

The new, spacious flat floor cab has a roof hatch and side opening windows for improved visibility and to improve safety. Agricultural or turf tyres can be specified to suit the specific application.

Without doubt someone at New Holland deserves full marks for forecasting. There is a huge demand worldwide for tractors, tractor parts and tyres. The expanding economies of the east as well as the demands for bio fuel are the major contributory factors. The result is that once an order is placed for a new tractor with some of the other manufacturers the purchaser can expect to wait months for the arriival of the new machine. The team at Basildon seem to have seen this coming because they can deliver many of their models within 14 days – and in some cases within 48 hours.

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