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Square Foot is a plastic concrete footing form that can be used
with decks, garden buildings and a wide range of landscaping projects.
The Square Foot has a square base that tapers up to a conical shape, allowing
construction tube forms to be fixed to the top. The footing form has a uniform
height, each with flanges at the top to accommodate the different sized
construction tubes. The tube is attached to the conical section of the footing form
using four 19-25mm screws. It’s then set into the ground on undisturbed soil or
10-15cm of compacted aggregate. The footing form is then plumbed, backfilled
and is filled with concrete, making a pierand footing unit. The construction tube
and plastic footing form remain in place after the concrete is cured.
It can dramatically decreases time spent on groundworks. Holes for footings can be
dug without mini diggers which reduces material and labour costs.

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