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Draper Tools was founded in 1919 and has since grown into one of
the largest tool distributors in the UK. The claim that
‘ past and future success is based around one fundamental principle, to
supply guaranteed quality tools at the best possible price.’ Draper tools
are not always the cheapest, but they are not shy about
this – they believe that quality is worth paying a little
extra for. Their goal is value for money and supplying tools which are fit for purpose. Draper Tools have a wide product range,
featured in their annual catalogue.
Some of the benefits of buying Draper Tools they claim for their customers :
• Regular Supplier assessments ensure continuity of product and that tools are
manufactured in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.
• The Quality Assurance Dept inspects every new product for quality and compliance with
international standards (where applicable) prior to it getting into their range.
• Servicing and repairs, carried out by trained technicians, with spare parts carried for
many tools.
• Clear and concise product manuals are available to download from their web site
• Minimum 12 months parts and labour guarantees on all Power Tools.
All the Expert

Power range come with a 2 year warranty.

023 8026 6355

Enginetech is a company that specialises in supplying
and maintaining a wide range of heavy duty mowers, brushcutters,
bankcutters, two wheel tractors and 4 wheel drive utility
vehicles for grounds maintenance.

They are the main UK importers of machines from the Japanese
manufacturer Orec, the Italian manufacturer Erreppi and the
Czech manufacturer Wisconsin; but can also supply a wide
range of machines, equipment and accessories
from other manufacturers.

‘Over the years we have built up a reputation as a business
that pays attention to detail and cares about its customers.
We pride ourselves on our prompt and reliable service and
our ability to source other machines and spare parts.’

TEl :(44) 0191 267 4040
Fax: (44) 0191 264 7942

Cleaveland Sitesafe Theft and vandalism is expensive and on the increase.
The annoyance, inconvenience and upset caused is compounded by
escalating Insurance Premiums and costs or replacement. Toolsafe Units give a
massive advantage over criminals and mindless vandals. Engineered for
strength and hand made to the highest standards of craftmanship,
a Toolsafe is your front line insurance cover.
Detailed construction schedules are available on request, but all units are
made from 3mm steel with 6mm Durbar plate floors (Cabinets 3mm) and are
fitted with the Sitesafe locking mechanism. They all have lifting lugs
and high and low level weatherproof vents. Where practical, all are
fitted with 3 rows of fixed shelving and come complete with a
Hand Tool Hanging Pack.

Fully secure and vandal proof.
Durbar plate floors.
Sitesafe locking mechanism.
Telephone: +44 (0) 1642 244663

Sales Enquiries –

Vermeer One of the first inventions by Vermeer founder Gary Vermeer
was a modified farm wagon with a mechanical hoist. The demand that followed
led Gary to establish Vermeer Manufacturing Company in Pella, Iowa, in 1948.
Now, more than fi reliable and easy to use. Vemeer is the inventor and the
world’s leading seller of stump-cutting equipment. The reason is simple – Vermeer offers
machines that are tough, reliable and easy to operate. With features like
the exclusive AutoSweep system, beltless cutter-wheel drive systems, Pro Series teeth
and state-of-the-art remote controls, the Vermeer name has become

TEl 01933 274 400
Fax: +31 113 272727

Efco The TG 2600 XP – TG 2750 XP hedgetrimmers are for professional
users involved in the maintenance of large, densely packed hedges.
The blades system protects the health of the plant and allowing
robust future growth.

The attention to detail and professional solutions incorporated
on these tools (professional high quality blades, diecast cylinder,
forged crankshaft, piston with 2 rings, electronic coil) make them
ideal for those who need to work quickly with a totally reliable
machine that delivers high quality results constantly through time.

Top performance levels in the category, with a special focus on
operator comfort. The sophisticated
vibration damping system assures complete isolation of the operator’s
body, while the remarkably low weight and the ergonomic handles make
it possible to exploit the full power of the machine with
minimal physical effort.

TEl (01543) 687660 – Fax (01543) 670721

Countax, Echo Power Blowers produce a highly controllable jet of
air to lift and move even wet leaves and litter and quickly arrange
them into convenient piles for collection. Very much faster and practically
effortless, they have largely replaced the broom and rake in the
collection role. The handle of an Echo Power Blower incorporates a trigger
throttle for precise fingertip control – from a breeze to a
blast – to suit the job in hand.

Hedgecutters A healthy, handsome and well groomed hedge
needs a razor sharp, precision ground, smooth running Hedgecutter.
Carefully balanced and generously specified Echo Hedgecutters are
built to last. Tel: 01844 278800 Fax: 01844 278792 Email:

Trilo . The TR 1502 three-in-one machine for flail grass cutting,
scarifying or sweeper collection Cutting width is1.5 metres and
hopper capacity 2 cubic metres.
Features of this robust, high performance machine, include a
contour following cutting unit, hydraulic operation of hopper lift and
tip, easy height control adjustment and tractor mounted controls.
Designed for tractors of 15 kW (20 Hp DIN) plus, the TR 1502 is
trailed and PTO powered. It uses single acting hydraulics and has
a user friendly, quick change flail and scarifying blade attachment
system. Blades are simply attached and locked in place by a special "R"clip.
The hopper is lifted positively and safely using the single acting hydraulic ram. This enables the machine to tip at a
height of 1.5 metres so that collected material can be
taken away in skips or trailers or neatly heaped at disposal sites.
The balanced rotor carrying flail or scarifying blades is
also equipped with wind paddles to ensure thorough uptake and collection

Tel (+31)(0)33 4564432

Kyoeisha Designed to reduce brush and shrubs to a smooth
mulch, the Hammer Knife mower has the advantage of working on
steep gradients – reportedly up to 60degrees – and other difficult terrain.
With a 1.54m cutting width this unit is powered by a 36hp Mitsubishi diesel
engine and, although it weighs 1,535kg, the mower’s ground pressure is just
0.16kg/cm. Roy Francis Plant Hire & Sales Ltd
Tel: 01380 828988

STIHL The vacuum shredders from STIHL pick up immense volumes of
fallen leaves, cut grass and trimmings and simultaneously shred them.
Reduced to less than 10% of the original volume, the organic material
can be used directly for composting or mulching. The ‘D’ version comes with
catalytic converter and standard accessories can turn the vacuum
shredder into a powerful blower too.
Tel : 01276 20202

Kersten have been manufacturing machines since 1918 and producing pedestrian
outdoor sweeping equipment for over 20 years.

They offer a most comprehensive product range of pedestrian
hydraulic propelled equipment and sweeping attachments. Innovative
professional machines for home owners through to public departments
designed and manufactured with care.

Sweeping block paving, removing moss and algae, maintaining sports
surfaces, cutting grass, landscaping, snow management and much more.

The Kersten mounted equipment range allows you to utilize you existing
ride on power units more effectively by providing front and rear mounted
sweeping machines as well as other useful attachments.

Tel 0118 9834337

Pinnacle Power Equipment The Eliet Mega Prof Ref: ELMEGA-PROF
Not a single detail has been overlooked in the design of the Mega Prof,
making it the leading shredder in the new generation of machines.
self-propulsion and in-feed conveyor all come as standard. High discharge for
easy empty into trailer or skip. 26.5 hp Briggs & Stratton
3-cylinder diesel, 15cm capacity.
Anti-block, self-propulsion and in-feed conveyor all come as standard.
Optional extras – Multi-purpose shredding screen.
Tel: 01932 788799 Fax: 01932 784487 email:

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