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Very popular stumper for light and medium stump grinding projects, bringing compact size and impressive performance to an affordable, self-propelled machine.
Enter the 2550XP, using the same beltless, hydrostatic direct-drive that makes its little brother such a successful machine. The 2550XP builds on that platform by offering optional four-wheel drive with dual drive wheels, a swing-out operators console with an optional wireless remote, and yes, more power in the form of a 44.2 horsepower Kubota diesel.
“The Model 2550XP is a high production stump grinder that has the power to go after large-scale projects or big stumps,” said Jason Morey, Bandit’s small equipment sales manager. “Companies that spend a lot of time grinding stumps will really enjoy this machine, as it can get just about anywhere, tackle just about any sized stump, and it powers through them in no time. It also operates just as smooth as our smaller 2250XP, and of course with no belts there is far less downtime for maintenance.
“The reduced maintenance comes from the high-power hydrostatic motor used to directly power the cutter wheel. This eliminates the need for a clutch, jackshaft, drive belt, belt tensioning system, and the many sheaves and bearings associated with those components. To better handle the side and shock loads of stump grinding, oversized bearings are used at the cutter wheel to reduce stress and machine vibration. For better balance, the engine is positioned at the rear of the machine; this also gives the 2550XP better capability for traversing hilly or steep terrain.
“Further assisting the 2550XP’s maneuverability is the optional four-wheel drive system with dual drive wheels, providing exceptional flotation over sensitive landscape while still offering plenty of traction. The undercarriage is powered by a separate hydrostatic motor that can propel the 2550XP to a top speed of 140 feet per minute, or approximately 1.5 miles per hour. Engine options range from 35 or 38-horsepower gasoline engines, or a pair of Kubota diesels with either 35 or 44 horsepower.
“Once at the job site, the 2550XP brings a massive 50-inch swing arc to cover a broad area, reducing the need to reposition the machine. It uses a 20-inch diameter New Revolution cutter wheel with a maximum cutting depth of 13.5 inches, and it features rubber chip curtains on both the operator’s console and the machine itself to aid in chip containment.
“The Model 2550XP has been engineered to provide the best chip containment possible, reducing the radius that chips can be scattered from the ground stump and saving time during cleanup. An optional hydraulic grading blade is available and recommended for assisting with the cleanup after a stump is removed.
“A standard swing-out operator’s station provides the controls for the drive system, cutter wheel swing, and up/down movements of the cutter head, while also positioning the operator at a clear viewing angle to the grinding action. An optional wireless remote control with a tether backup is available for operators who prefer to be away from the machine. This all combines to deliver a high-performance, low-maintenance stump grinder that outperforms comparable machines while costing much less to own. Less maintenance also mean less downtime, and a machine not working is a machine not making any money. ”
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