Quiet, economical and incredibly smooth grinding….Stump Grinder

The Predator 38X, is claimed to be “ most innovative, powerful and economical stump grinder to hit the market ever”
This machine offers a huge amount of brute power in a compact, versatile package.
It grinds out stumps to a depth of 18? with a slew of four and a half feet. “Its Effortless, quiet, economical and incredibly smooth grinding.”
Not only this but it still, like our P28X, fits through a 26? gap with it’s tracks pulled in, done with a single hydraulic lever control.
Engine.: Kohler 38hp petrol
Length: 2400 mm
Width: 670 – 1000 mm
Height: 1500 mm
Fuel: Petrol
Cutting Depth: 450 mm
Slew: 1140 mm
Wheel: Multi-Tip x 6
TEl 0845 402 1756

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