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E 14

“ We are very confident about the next 24 months based on a much improved sales position since the start of this year,” explained Kevin Zimmer (pictured left) , Bobcat’s European Sales Manager at their open day in Loughborough. “We have launched five new excavator products in the last 24 months
“Our new E14 and E16 mini excavators are designed to be easy to transport and offer smooth, powerful performance and increased reliability and durability”
Featuring as standard a retractable undercarriage, the E14, equipped with canopy and bucket, has an operating weight of 1303 kg and offers a maximum digging depth of 2301 mm. Thanks to its light weight, the E14 can be transported easily on a trailer towed by a small truck, or even a mid-size passenger car. The E16 is available in two versions. Equipped with canopy and bucket, the E16 base model with fixed undercarriage has an operating weight of 1515 kg and offers a maximum digging depth of 2422 mm. Equipped with canopy and bucket, the E16 with the optional factory installed retractable undercarriage and long dipperstick has an operating weight of 1555 kg and offers a maximum digging depth of 2602 mm.
The E14 and E16 feature smooth hydraulics for precise movements and faster cycle times. A new workgroup offers a longer reach and greater digging depth, enhancing the ability to work close to the machine in tight working areas.
Both the E14 and E16 models utilise the ‘cylinder-over-boom’ design. Since the cylinder is mounted on top of the boom, it is protected when working in tight spaces or with attachments. The oversized diameter of the cylinders in the E14 and E16 enhances the breakout forces and lifting capacities of the machines. Both the E14 and E16 are able to dustpan on the front for extra versatility.
The auxiliary hydraulic lines and workgroup hoses are mounted inside the boom and arm for optimal protection and enhanced visibility. The E14 and E16 offer simple installation for the hoses for attachments, which include a range of different sized digging and trenching buckets, grading buckets, hydraulic breakers, augers and the Bobcat hydraulic clamp attachment.
The E14 and E16 are powered by the 3-cylinder 9.9 kW Kubota D722 engine. High digging performance is enhanced by the stability provided by the dozer blade and the low centre of gravity of the machines.
The E14 and E16 offer low noise and vibration levels, superior operator comfort, ease of serviceability and ruggedness. The operator’s area in the cab is very spacious and the large door width together with the low position of the superstructure provide easy access to the cab.

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