Getting BIGGA…..

Over 74 exhibitors have confirmed attendance at next years BTME Harrogate – 60 per cent of the total number of exhibitors in 2011 .
Sue McDonough, sales executive says ,“Having the last show finishing on such a high really helped. The early bird discount has had a lot to do with it. We’ve been getting the feeling there’s more optimism out there.”
With the return of the bi-annual exhibitors Hall M is now back in play with only eight stands left to fill.
Andrew Mellon, Chairman of BIGGA, was keen to demonstrate that regular exhibitors not only maintained their right to re-book a slot, but benefited from the new Loyalty Reward Scheme. “It’s an example of the Association listening to the trade, as those exhibitors that choose to exhibit year on year had felt some financial recognition was due.”
BIGGA have managed to freeze the rates at 2010 levels and although the early bird discount has now expired, the Loyalty Reward Scheme is still available until the 16th September 2011.

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BTME Harrogate Week January 24 -26 2012