GKB drainage

GKB delivers secondary drainage solutions

GKB Machines has proven to offer the best solutions for secondary drainage for sports construction and maintenance companies White Horse Contractors.

Following the wet winter,  Plant and Operations Manager for White Horse Contractors, Mick Cross, predicts a busy season ahead for their pair of Drainmaster’s alongside their GKB Deep Tine Aerator (DTA).   Early adopters of GKB equipment,  the Berkshire based contractor’s fleet includes two Drainmasters and the DTA, two Combinators and a Rotobrush from GKB form part of a sizeable fleet of equipment, used on projects across the south of the UK by a team of 40+ operatives.

“When it comes to purchasing machinery, two things we look for are time-effective solutions and build quality – giving us the reliability to keep on track with a packed schedule” explains Mick, who has been with White Horse for over 30 years. “The Drainmaster’s tick both of these boxes.”

The two or three cutting wheels of the GKB Drainmaster are spaced at either 50cm or 1m, creating channels at a depth of up to 23cm which are simultaneously filled with sand to leave a stable surface, with improved, long-lasting drainage. “The beauty of this machine is that it conducts multiple operations in one pass, meaning we’re not having to cover the ground multiple times or use multiple machines,” Mick continues.

“We purchased our first Drainmaster in 2010, and a second one more recently and both are out on a regular basis between March and October. Last year, they completed work on upwards of 20 pitches – both natural turf and hybrid pitches which is another great thing about this machine.” Together with football pitches from local council up to Premier League level, the Drainmaster has also been put to task on polo grounds and racecourses. “It’s versatility, efficiency and robust build quality makes it ideal for the contractor market.”

“The DTA is very much built in the same vein, giving us a tough and reliable aerator for regular work on elite sports surfaces.” Mick concludes.

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