Reduce paperwork and save time

Are you looking at ways to reduce admin tasks for your business to get your evenings back with the family? This month, Paula Warman looks at ways to reduce paperwork and seeks alternative ways to streamline this part of your business.

There are lots of ways to reduce paperwork. We are going to discuss two solutions to these popular problems in many landscaping businesses. We all seem to be experiencing an influx of enquiries since going back to work after lockdown and so admin and paperwork is on the rise too. So, if you want to make life a little easier then read on:


This is my number one tip for any small business that tends to spend large amounts of time on areas of the business that they have little experience in or that they simply do not enjoy.

Outsourcing will require investment. However, it will save time that you better spend carrying out tasks you are skilled at and will bring in the money. For example task your tax returns to another so that you can get on and complete a design or garden project.

When we start out in business, we have to be the call handler, the accountant, debt collector, marketer, salesperson and skilled and professional tradesperson. However, as the business grows you can plan to outsource some of these duties.

Think about outsourcing accounts, book-keeping, tax returns and call answering services. Look at the option of having a virtual assistant or start outsourcing your marketing activities. There are so many ways to reduce the paperwork pile and items on your to do list utilising through outsourcing – but the caveat is you need to run the numbers to check affordability of each outsource or hire. So, go back to your cashflow forecast before committing.

Streamline systems and reduce paperwork

Systemising and processes are key ways to reduce time spent on paperwork and admin duties. However, it is knowing what systems to use, how easy they are to implement, the benefit to the business and affordability. Whilst researching technology and apps available to help streamline your business I came across Powered Now. Built for trades that tend to be swamped with paperwork and need a helpful system that is not only available online and offline but is affordable for the smaller landscaping and design business.

Powered Now is a digital platform that aims to streamline your admin tasks from quotes to invoicing, keeping timesheets, options for team chat, complete appointment management and scheduling and customer record management. From the initial look at the app it’s a great place to start.
The benefits to a business is that everything is centralised in one place so nothing will get lost amongst other files on a laptop or PC. The ability to scheduleand manage appointments with customers, keep track of projects, what the teams are doing and more means it looks like it could do the work of multiple programmes that you may or may not be using.
It’s a great way to run a small business and it is very easy to use. Having signed up for a free trial I am looking forward to giving it a test run in my landscaping business to see if it could manage our back end systems in one place. I would advise any landscaper, designer or small business looking to streamline their admin to take a look at this. The pricing is less than I expected and would fit in mostbusinesses’ budgets. I urge you to take a look as it could be the solution you have been waiting for.
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