Irrigation flow sensor series tracks water usage

Rain Bird’s irrigation Flow Sensor technology is designed to both monitor and track water usage in an irrigation system, as well as identify and warn of any emerging problems. By using a sensor to monitor high or low flow rates, issues such as leaks, line breaks or blockages can be identified. Detection of underflow means that a landscape may not be getting enough water whilst on the other hand, detection of overflow may result in a flooded landscape and wastage.

This new Ultrasonic Flow Sensor Series uses ultrasonic waves to sense flow rates. This not only enables the sensors to read a wider flow range, but also ensures significantly more accurate readings when detecting flow rates. Flow data is sent in pulses to a Rain Bird central control or stand-alone controller.

The series is compatible with the IQ4 platforms, ESP- LXD, LXME2 PRO, LXMEF, ESP-ME3 and LX-IVM controllers. When used in combination with LX Series controllers, additional Flo-Watch and Flo-Manager management features can also be used. Pairing with Rain Bird’s Mobile App for iPhone or Android, gives the contractor or end user convenient control of flow settings from any location. 

Rather than relying upon the traditional “paddle wheel “ impeller design of irrigation flow sensors, the Ultrasonic Flow Sensors have no moving parts. Water flow is sensed by ultrasonic waves as it passes through a pipe. It can detect the direction of flow and calculates water speed and also whether there is actually water in a pipe. The Ultrasonic Flow Sensor can be placed immediately after a bend or valve, or even in the same valve box to give much more precise readings. 

Simple to set up, Ultrasonic Flow Sensors are available in 100, 150 and 200 versions for different flow rates and 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0 inch BSP threads. LED lights indicating power, full pipe status, relative forward flow and reverse flow rates are included. The sensor can remain installed over the winter period.

The product won the Gold Award in the 2022 New Product Contest, Landscape Irrigation Category, United States’ Irrigation Association.

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