KAR UK Wins Top Sales Growth award

KAR UK, the leading wholesaler of irrigation equipment in the UK, has won won the coveted Kasco Top Sales Growth award for 2019. The company provides a wide range of irrigation products to the horticultural, agricultural, landscape and sports turf markets in the UK and Ireland.

The company has gone from strength to strength over recent years and its success can partly be attributed to working only with the most prominent manufacturers – one of which is Kasco. KAR UK distribute the innovative Kasco product portfolio, and by all accounts it was a huge year for the two companies. 

For over 50 years, Kasco – a family owned company, has offered world-leading water quality solutions. Today, the company manufactures high quality products such as fountains, surface aerators, diffused aerators, de-icers, circulators and beneficial bacteria to aquatic industries – all of which are designed to improve water quality.

Commenting on KAR UK’s award, Joe Holz, Kasco’s International Sales Manager, said: “We are extremely proud to present KAR UK with an award recognising their Top Sales Growth for 2019. KAR UK earned this award by being one of the fastest growing Kasco distributors in the world. 

“Combining their knowledge of the product and excellent customer service, KAR UK was able to dramatically grow their Kasco sales in 2019 with excellent prospects for 2020 and beyond. We, at Kasco, would like to thank them for their partnership with us and we look forward to more award recognitions in the future”

In reflecting upon the achievement, KAR UK’s UK Sales Manager, Mike McDonnell, said: “We are delighted to have won this award for the first time. My thanks go to Kasco, for recognising our contribution, to everyone at KAR for all the hard work, and also to our customers for their continuing support.”

Picture caption: (L-R) Wes Henshaw from KAR UK collecting their award from Paul Amos of Kasco.

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