Advanced golf greenskeeper apprenticeship approved

The Golf Greenkeeping Trailblazer Group, an independent organisation representing British golf club employers and greenkeepers through a Board of Directors, is delighted to announce the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education (IfATE) has approved the ADVANCED GOLF GREENKEEPER Apprenticeship Standard (Level 3) for delivery. 

Following the launch and success of the Level 2 Golf Greenkeeper Apprenticeship in England, the Golf Greenkeeping Trailblazer Group has been working tirelessly to develop a suitable programme of education, training and assessment to meet the new Standards for Level 3. Having the full support of England Golf and the British and International Golf Greenkeepers Association and working closely with employers and Training Providers, this means there is now a structured pathway of education from Golf Greenkeeper to Advanced Golf Greenkeeper.

Designed for Senior Greenkeepers/First Assistants/Deputy Head Greenkeepers/Deputy Course Managers, this Apprenticeship will provide the greenkeeper with the skills and knowledge to operate at an advanced level where supervisory or specialist technical skills are required.  As with the Level 2, there is a series of graded, independent assessments at the end of a programme of education and these will ensure all future qualified Greenkeepers will have the skills, knowledge and behaviours as determined in the new Standard.

Both the Advanced Golf Greenkeeper Standard and the Assessment Plan can be viewed here.

David Croxton, GTC Trailblazer Chairman says, ‘It is great news to hear the Government have approved the Level 3.  Having worked with employers and Training Providers in our sector, we believe we have now developed two new Apprenticeships that meet the employer’s requirements – to develop a highly skilled and knowledgeable workforce.’

Richard Flint, England Golf’s Participation & Club Support Director says, ‘England Golf are delighted that the Government has approved the Assessment Plan for the Advanced Golf Greenkeeper.  This now shows the levels of progression for a greenkeeper and how their knowledge, skills and behaviours will continue to develop stronger golf clubs.’

Jim Croxton, CEO BIGGA added, ‘Reaching this point is an exciting time in greenkeeper education.  Having a complement of apprenticeships will not only strengthen the professionalism of our industry, but also provides a structured programme of education for anyone looking at greenkeeping as a career.’ 

Work is continuing with the Golf Course Manger Apprenticeship (Level 5), which we hope will be approved later this year.

For further information on Apprenticeships contact GTC Administrator Emma Willis on 01347 838640 and

The Greenkeepers Training Committee is the independent organisation representing British golf club employers and greenkeepers through a Board of Directors, advisory panels and two full-time employees.  The board has an independent chairman, Alistair Booth.  The GTC Headquarters, based at Aldwark Manor in North Yorkshire, has a Board of Directors which consists of representatives from England GolfScottish Golf, Wales Golf and the British and International Golf Greenkeepers Association.

The GTC is dedicated to its objectives of improving and promoting the education and training of all golf greenkeepers.  New golf courses are opening throughout Europe, to accommodate growing interest in the game. This creates more opportunities for employment and more chances for career advancement.

The GTC supports the equality of opportunity for all groups of people and actively encourages all the golf clubs it represents to recruit in accordance with its Equal Opportunities Policy.

Image Caption: The Golf Greenkeeping Trailblazer Group: Richard Flint (England Golf), Robert Martin (Wales Golf), Emma Willis (GTC), Alistair Booth (GTC Chairman), Fiona Lyttle (GTC), Jim Croxton (BIGGA), Carolyn Hedley (Scottish Golf) of the

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