Clean Cuts …..Bosch-Garden

Bosch Lawn & Garden’s Keo, is a new powerful lithium-ion garden saw that makes trimming branches and cutting back overgrown areas of the garden simple and effortless.
The Keo has been created by Bosch for gardening chores in between pruning and lopping, with a powerful tool that can cut through branches up to 80mm thick.
The garden saw’s A-Grip hook, which holds branches in place, combined with the lightweight integrated lithium-ion battery, which charges fully in three hours, allows for easy, single handed use.
Weighing less than a kilogram, the garden saw has a cutting capacity up to 60mm diameter with the hook and up to 80mm without. It can provide up to 15 cuts in thick 80mm wood through to 190 cuts in smaller 15mm wood per battery charge.
The Keo’s soft grip handle enables comfortable manoeuvrability and the Swiss steel precision blade is the key to making effortless cuts. The reciprocating saw also offers variable speed for optimum cutting efficiency. The Bosch Keo cost £89.99