Pedestrian mower roundup


Warwickshire based STM is the agent for the SCAG range of mowers. In pedestrian circles, the company offers four rotary machines, three flail types and a reel mower. The rotary offering consists of the Pro-V Hydro Drive, with 36, 48 or 52” decks and 16, 17 or 23hp Kawasaki engines. The ‘V bar’ system provides fingertip control of the infinite speed and direction, said to eliminate hand fatigue. A spring assisted lever aids in deck lifting. The SCAG SW belt drive mower comes in 32, 36, 48 or 52” deck variants with either Kawasaki or Kohler power from 15 to 17hp. A five speed Peerless transmission that drives twin belts. SCAG also have a hydro drive range, known as SWZ and SWZU. The U version has a floating deck. The fixed version can be specified in widths from 36 to 61” with engine powers from 16 to 21hp – the floating deck version has either 48” or 52” deck and 17 or 19hp Kawasaki engines.

For rougher ground, the STM Super Flail machines are worth a look. Available in 30, 36 and 48” deck widths, these units fit to the SWZ skid unit. Said to be fully attachable in quick time, the Super Flail range feature a choice of flails to suit conditions, belt drive and castor wheels to height control. Finer grass can be cut with the STM Super Reel 36, a cylinder head unit with float that can be fitted to SWZ machines. The Super Reel 36 comes with a transport wheel and is built by STM themselves.

01789 488450


French manufacturer ETESIA offers a wide range of pedestrian mowers for varying roles. The 46cm (18”) cut Pro 46 comes in push or propelled for, with choice of engines but all with electric start. Set speeds or variable to suit operator match conditions. An anti snag system encases the cables and options include mulch kit. The Pro 51 51cm/20” cut machine has an aluminium deck, choice of engines including a 2 stroke. Recoil start is found on all machines. Similar features to the Pro 46 are found such as cable shrouding and variable speeds. Blade brake clutch enables safer cutting, halting the blades in 3 seconds. A rubber bumper protects from trees.

New for 2007 was the Pro 53 mower. The drive system is hydrostatic and features a pump and twin wheel motors to give a smooth take up. Etesia has specified the Pro 53 with three driving zones for short, medium or long grass. A reverse gear is also provided and slopes of up to 20 degrees can be tackled. Kawasaki provides the engine, a 6hp 4 stroke unit. Slightly larger in horsepower and cut width, the Pro 56 has either a 7.7hp 2 stroke or 9hp 4 stroke engine, with the former more suited to banks. A chain drive to the rear wheels gives positive drive and cast aluminium deck comes with front bumper. A blade brake is provided too.
Etesia’s professional range is complete with its Biocut 53 mower. A dedicated mulching machine, the Biocut 53 has Briggs and Stratton 6hp 4 stroke engine, electronic start and 3 speed transmission. The Biocut blade lift grass before it is cut, and then clippings are re-cut many times whilst within the deck.

Etesia UK Ltd.
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UK manufacturer HAYTER has a selection of pedestrian mowers, including a cylinder type machine. The Condor, which features a Honda 11hp engine, cuts to 30” (76cm) and is driven via a hydrostatic differential drive with v belt drive to the 3 or 5 blade reel. The Condor can be specified with a 30” swinging blade rotary cutting deck too, offering versatility for owners. Also available from Hayter but in Toro colours are the 36RD and 48RD walk behind zero turn machines. A 17hp Kawasaki engine drives a hydro unit, controlled by the operator using a pistol grip type mechanism. A choice of 36 or 48” (91 or 122cm) 2 or 3 blade rear discharge decks is available.

More conventional mowers from Hayter come in the form of the well known Harrier range. Both the 48cm cut Harrier 48 Pro and 56cm cut Harrier 56 VS Autodrive feature, along with the Ranger 53 Pro model too. The Harrier 48 Pro has 7 cutting heights from 13 to 65mm, aluminium deck and rear roller. A front bumper protects from trees and posts. The 56cm cut Harrier 56 VS model has a roller, single lever height adjustment and OPC (operator presence control) system. A variable drive system is driven from Briggs and Stratton engine. Also from Hayter is the Ranger 53Pro, with a 53cm aluminium deck, 8 cutting heights from 25 to 85mm and autodrive system from 1.25 to 2.5mph. A front bumper and wear strips ensure long life.

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Sussex based TRACMASTER offer a wide range of pedestrian tractor units suitable for mowing applications. The Crusader Power Scythe range from manufacturer BCS comes in four models, all with sickle bar cutterbars – 615, 615L, 620 and 630. The 615 features as 4hp Honda engine, 32” (80cm) working width and 1F/1R transmission. The 615L version has the same gear drive but has one extra forward speed and another 1.5hp on tap. Either a 32” or 40” (80 or 100cm) cutterbar can be fitted. The 6.5hp 620 model comes with either 32, 40 or 44” (80, 100 or 115cm) bar and 3 forward speed transmission, and is suited for areas of up to 3-4 acres. Topping the Power Scythe lineup is the 8hp 630 model. With either 40, 44 or 53” (100, 115 or 135cm) cut width, the 630 has three forward speeds plus a differential lock and skid steer brakes. A flail mower can also be supplied. All Power Scythes can work on up to 30 degree slopes.

Also from Tracmaster are the Commander range of mowers. Two versions are available: the conservation mower and bank mower. The former is aimed at large areas of mowing, and has found favour with the RSPB, National Trust and local authorities. All gear drive system gives three forward and one reverse ratios, plus a travel speed for quicker job movements. A differential lock and skid steering aid in manoeuvrability. A choice of engines includes 11 or 13hp petrol, or 10hp diesel. Scythe cutter bars of 40, 44 or 53” (110, 115 or 135cm) can be specified, or alternatively a mulching mower of 30” (76cm), 40” (100cm) rotary mower or a choice of flails can be fitted. If flail mowers are your requirement, then Tracmaster offers the Stella range. The SM50 and SM65 cut to 46 and 80cm respectively (18” and 32”) and both use Honda engines of either 6.5 or 13hp. Swinging “Y” blades feature on the SM50, with a screen to reduce debris exit. The SM65 offers steering brakes for easy turning, large wheels and 3 forward gears. A dial controls cutting height.

01444 247689.


Enginetech offers a wide range of pedestrian mowers and brushcutters for varying areas of grass. The conventional mower side is covered by GR531 and GR532 machines which feature 53cm (21”) cut, 5.5hp Honda engine, high airflow bag and fully adjustable handlebars. The GR532 has twin speed mowing and single lever adjustment of cut height. The GR531, a machine more aimed at professional users, features two speed drive to the individually adjustable rear wheels and has a blade brake. Also from Enginetch are the FL500 flex mower and GR703 bank mower. The FL500 model has a 50cm (19.5”) cut width, height variation with single adjustment lever and large rear drive wheels cope with uneven ground A 3 forward and 1 reverse gearbox are provided as is a differential lock for tricky conditions. An indirect cutter drive aims to reduce foreign object damage to the drive shaft. Power comes from a Honda 5.5hp engine. The GR703 bank mower, as its names suggests, is designed for cutting on slopes and features a 70cm (27.5”) deck with cut height from 1 to 9cm height. The machine has a single blade steel deck and fixed drive via a Kawasaki 9.5hp engine and 3 forward/1 reverse gearbox. Steering clutches enable easier bank steering. Twin tyres on each side give maximum grip and front castors can be locked for straight line working on banks. A blade brake and automatic park brake ensure safety at all times.

In their brushcutter line up, Enginetech offers two models: the SE60 and SH70. The former is a light duty, single blade unit featuring a 60cm (23.5”) cut width, height adjustment of 5 to 10cm and two speed power drive. Pneumatic cleated tyres and a single castor keep the SE60 on the level, and the machine has a 5.5hp Honda engine. The larger SH70 features a heavy duty steel deck, 70cm (27.5”) cut width and height adjustment from 2.5 to 5cm via a single screw adjustment. A differential lock and 3 forward/1 reverse transmission provide the drive, and power comes from a Honda 11hp engine. Cleated pneumatic tyres aid in traction.

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The pedestrian lineup from John Deere includes conventional, mulching and wide area mowers. Conventional walk behinds come in 3 models. The C43 is a 43cm (17”) cut machine fitted with a 5.5hp 4 stroke engine. Seven cutting heights can be set from 2 to 8cm and rear bagger or option mulching kit can be specified. A push mower, the C43 has an aluminium deck and standard fill indicator for bagger. The 52cm (20.5”) C52VK has 6.5hp on tap and is aimed at areas up to 0.4 ha. A 4 point adjustment of height gives a range from 2.8 to 8.2cm in 6 stages, and John Deere’s TurboStar airflow system is standard for better grass throw. A mulch kit is optional but standard features include anti vibration handlebars and variable drive speed of 2.7 to 4.3kph. The C52KS cuts to the same width as the C52VK, but features a 5 position height adjustment from 3.1 to 7.1cm. A rear bagger is not provided but mulch kit is optional. Anti vibration system is optional too. A single speed drive of 4.2kph is provided.

For mulching duties, Deere offers the JS63V and JS65VC models. Both have a 53cm (21”) cut width, 6.75hp Briggs & Stratton engine and variable speed from 2.5 to 5.2kph. Cut height is 2 point on V (3 on VC) adjustable in 7 positions from 2 to 9.7cm. The main difference between the machines is that the VC version features castor wheels to the front for easier turning. The blades used are 3 in 1, so can be utilised for bagging, mulching or side discharge purposes. A side discharge chute and bagger are optional.
For wider areas, Deere offers their 7H17 machine. With a 17hp Kawasaki engine, this comes with rope or electrical start option, hydrostatic drive with speeds forward of up to 10.1kph (4.3kph in reverse too) and a 122cm (48”) cut width. Rear discharge deck has 3 blades and a cutting height of between 2.8 and 8.2cm is achievable. Operator presence system is standard and stops the machine if the operator walks away.

John Deere UK
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German manufacturer Agria offers three machines suited to professional mowing use. The 3400 two-wheel tractor features reversible handlebars, a 4 stroke petrol engine or diesel engine and a differential lock. Engine speed can be adjusted independently of ground speed making the 3400 very versatile. A four 4F/4R transmission provides the drive to the wheels. Mowing equipment can be either a cutterbar (four versions from 71 to 160cm/28 to 63”), flail type mulching type decks (either 80 or 100cm/31.5 or 40”), rotary mulching decks in 65, 80 or 122cm (25.5, 31.5 or 48”) width plus double rotor cut or safety mulcher (with screw type flail) in 90 and 105cm (35 and 41”) widths. KL versions of the 3400 feature braked steering to aid in manoeuvring. Agria also offers the 5500 and 5900 toolcarriers. Both are available in petrol and diesel versions and feature the same four-speed 4F/4R gearbox as the 3400 drives the 5500, but with a convenient reverse gear selector on the handlebar. A patented anti-vibration handlebar mount system makes operation a more comfortable experience over long days. Single lever wheel braked steering system allows for easy turns with big mowers. The larger 5900 machine comes with a choice of either petrol or diesel engines, but with a hydrostatic drive system offering infinite speed in either direction. A central park brake system provides safety when operating on slopes. Mower attachments for both the 5500 and 5900 are the same as for the 3400, so a wide range of different applications can be covered with the added benefit of other implements available. Agria also offers the 4500 Hydro model. This is a dedicated petrol powered rotary unit with a 71cm (30”) cut width and infinite toolless height adjustment from 6 to 11.5cm. Mower drive is via a v-belt system and with an infinite hydrostatic drive and steering brake clutch, the 4500 is a manoeuvrable machine ideal for wide areas of rough grass.

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Trenchex, who offers Grillo mowing equipment, have a wide range to suit the landscaper’s needs. Sickle bar mowers come in three models, starting with the GF1. This features 5hp Honda engine, 96cm (40”) cutter bar and is suited for areas up to 1 acre. A single forward gear is provided, and a vibration figure of 0.8 m/s2 is found at the handlebars. The GF2 model has a slightly larger 5.5hp Honda engine with a 3F/2R gearbox for more varied conditions and terrains. A 117cm (46”) cutterbar is standard, with a vibration figure of 3.2m/s2. Grillo recommend this machine for areas of 3 to 4 acres of cutting. Biggest of the Grillo sicklebar machines is the GF4, which packs a 9hp Honda engine. The machine is aimed at heavy duty commercial use and comes with a 117cm(46”) cutterbar, 3.2m/s2 vibration figure and wide chevron tyres. Steering is aided by a steering brake and the GF4 has a 4F/3R transmission for wide usage in all conditions.

Grillo also has two brushcutter machines. The CL620 has a 6hp Briggs & Stratton, hydrostatic drive and swing tip blades. The machine cuts to 62cm (24”) with a single blade. The hydrostatic drive gives infinite speed up to 6kph. Slightly larger is the CL700 brushcutter. An 11hp Honda engine drives a 0-6kph hydro drive and a single swing tip blade that cuts to 70cm (27.5”).

The Lawnking brand also covers a selection of rotary mowers for the landscaper. The manual start PAN 504 TR features a power drive single speed transmission, 48 or 51cm (19 or 20”) cut and six position cutting height from 3 to 8cm via a single point adjuster. A 70 litre collector is standard as is an aluminium deck. The TRE version is identical bar an electric start system. Also available is the XA55 MHS3 Castle Garden rotary. A three-speed power drive allows for flexibility in differing conditions and a 51cm (20”) aluminium deck is standard. Cut heights from 3 to 8cm over seven positions using one lever are available and a collector of 70 litres allows for longer runs. Mulch kit is included and the XA55 comes with a 20 year anti-corrosion warranty. A 6.5hp engine is provided.



REKORD UK LTD. markets the Rapid series of two wheel tractor mowers. The base model is the Rapid Mondo hydrostatic, which has a 9hp engine, 6 position handlebar with 230 degree swing and speeds of up to 6.5kph. An independent PTO system allows speed to be different from attachment speed, a neat touch. Claimed as the world’s smallest compact hydrostatic tractor, the Mondo can be fitted with a wide range of mowing attachments including sicklebars, flails and mulchers. The next model up is the Swiss hydrostatic machine, which has a 9hp engine, wide rotating handlebars and 7kph top speed. A twist grip system controls the speed of this specialist bank tractor. Steering is controlled by handlebar mounted levers via independent wheel motors, making the Swiss easy to manoeuvre. Again, a wide range of attachments include 132 to 192cm (52” to 75.5”) sicklebars and flails.

The Rapid Universo yydro machine has a 13hp Briggs & Stratton petrol engine, featuring rotary control grip, active steering with independent wheel motors and two power take off speeds. An optional 10.5hp diesel engine can be specified if required. Rapid’s “wendermatic” system means that all controls remain the same no matter which position the handlebars are in. Topping the Rapid range is the Euro Hydrostatic, with a massive 20hp petrol engine and optional electric start (diesel engine is an option too). A stepless forward/reverse twist grip controlled drive features along with two power take off speeds that provide flexibility. A wide range of flail or sicklebar mowers can be specified depending on requirements.

Rekord UK
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