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New Holland’s ride on offering comes in two guises – MC front mowers and GT ride on tractors.

The MC models, either in 28hp MC28 or 35hp MC35 format, feature three cylinder engines and a 50 litre fuel tank, so plenty for a good working day. Dual range hydrostatic transmission is the order of the day for speed and direction control, using a two pedal system with a cruise control function as standard. Top speed of the MC models is up to 17.2kph in high range, so between sites minimal downtime can be achieved.

For added traction, New Holland offer automatic 4wd engagement, a differential lock as standard plus hydraulic weight transfer, allowing the mower deck to float and give more emphasis onto the front wheels. At the business end of the MC machines is the PTO drive. New Holland has specified a multi plate PTO clutch that allows progressive engagement to the mower deck, and fit a system that disengages drive when the mower is raised to transport position. This is said to reduce potential debris exit on lift and improve safety as deck cannot be engaged in transport. Both side and rear discharge decks can be specified, in a 1.52m width for the MC28 and 1.83m width for the larger machine. Rear discharge decks have New Holland’s Gator Mulcher system, which is said to chop and lacerate clippings before spreading across the mower’s full width.

For those requiring a ride on tractor type model, New Holland has the GT67 and GT75 machines. Both pack three cylinder diesel engines, developing 14 and 16hp respectively and both drive through a single rocker pedal dual range hydro drive. Both machines feature commercial aspects such as power steering (on the GT75), towing bracket and adjustable seat differentiate the GT machines from conventional ride on mowers. To maintain a mowing speed, operators can use the “speed lock” cruise control system to ease the operator’s right foot.

Decks available for the GT models come in 1.22m width side discharge only, with a hydraulic lift system to give quick control at turning and for transport. Precise control is on offer with return to height with the hydraulic system; cutting heights from 25 to 107mm. Drive to the triple blade deck is via a shaft.

New Holland
0800 015 0105


STM offer a selection of ride on machines from the SCAG range.

The SCAG Turf Tiger is a zero turn machine with a range of engines from 25hp Kubota diesel up to a 35hp Briggs Vanguard petrol unit, with a total of 10 different permutations. Decks are either “Velocity Plus” 1.32m or 1.55m, or the 1.83m Advantage deck. The engine/deck combinations allow the buyer to choose the machine to suit their business say STM. Other features of the Turf Tiger range include 25 to 152mm cut height (adjusted by a foot pedal), up to 19kph travel speed, adjustable control levers and foot pedal for deck lift.

The SCAG Wildcat is again a zero turn machine, available in 1.32 or 1.55m cutting width variants (all with triple blades) and petrol Kawasaki or Kohler engines from 25 to 30hp. With more compact dimensions and less weight than the Turf Tiger, the Wildcat is aimed at more restricted areas and those where more stability is required. All Wildcat models can achieve 16kph when conditions allow.

The Tiger Cub from STM is again more compact than the previous models, with a maximum weight of 522kg on the top spec 1.55m cut/25hp Kohler engine version. A range of petrol engines from a 19hp Kawasaki to 26hp Briggs ELS are on offer, with cutting widths on offer from 1.22 to 1.55m using Velocity Plus decks. An interlocked parking brake system ensures slope safety, and the Tiger Cub models either feature pneumatic front castors on the 25/26hp versions, or flat free versions on the 19 and 23hp machines.

The Freedom Z is aimed at entry level commercial and estate use, and features a unique cutter deck and collection system. Choice of engine is either a 19hp Kawasaki or 26hp Briggs ELS, both in petrol format. Either 1.22 or 1.32m wide decks are available with either engine spec, and both have anti scalp rollers with height of cut from 25 to 114mm in 25mm increments. A top forward speed of 12kph is possible with the Freedom Z and the machine can be fitted with either a metal or fabric collector systems.

The most novel machine from STM is the SCAG STHM 3 wheel hydro machine. This features an out front cutter deck with trailed seat on a large supporting castor wheel, and is said to offer low centre of gravity and low height for mowing under trees etc. Available in 1.55 or 1.83m wide decks (Velocity Plus and Advantage decks respectively), the STHM has a 23hp Kohler engine and single foot pedal control.

01789 488450


John Deere offer a selection of ride on models, including ride on tractors, out fronts and a zero turn. On the ride on front, the company offer the X300, X500 and X700 series tractors in eight models.

The X300 series feature 17 or 22hp Kawasaki/John Deere petrol engines. The X300 model comes with either a 0.97 or 1.07m side discharge deck, twin blades and optional collector with the X304 model offering 4 wheel steer and only a 1.07m side discharge deck. The X300R is 2 wheel steer model, but with rear discharge 1.07m only deck. Topping the X300 range is the X320, with 22hp on offer, 2 wheel steer and 1.22m width triple blade deck. All X300 models are hydro drive with cruise control as standard.

The X540 model packs a JD iTorque Kawasaki petrol engine with 26hp on tap, driving through a twin touch hydro drive capable of 11kph. Cruise control and differential lock come as standard. A 1.22 or 1.37m side discharge deck can be fitted, with height adjusted via a dial. Deck lift is hydraulic with electronic engagement of mower drive. The all wheel steer X534 offers greater manoeuvrability with a similar spec to the X540. The larger X700 range offer more features. The X700 model has a iTorque 23hp petrol engine, hydro drive with cruise and differential lock and 14kph top speed. The X740 and X748 4wd feature a 24hp Yanmar diesel engine and hydro drive. Power steering provides easier steering on the X700 range and all feature electro-hydraulic deck engagement and hydraulic deck lift as standard. Deck options are 1.22, 1.37 and 1.57m widths, with option of mulching unit and 500 or 560 litre collection system. The X748 has 4wd for added traction and slope climbing.

For those who prefer out front machines, John Deere offer the 1445, 1545 and 1565 models. The smaller machine has a Yanmar 31hp diesel engine and twin pedal hydro drive. Either 1.52 and 1.83m wide side or rear discharge decks are available. Optional 4wd to aid in traction on slopes is available. The 1545 and 1565 models offer 31hp and 36hp Yanmar diesel engines respectively, with twin range hydro drive with a top travel speed of 25kph. An on demand 4wd system offers traction when required. Decks are either 1.57 or 1.83m wide, in rear or side discharge plus the option of V Flex 1.83m version for contoured terrain such as parks and golf courses.

As with many manufacturers, Deere have a zero turn line model too. The Z Trak 997 has a 30hp Yanmar diesel engine, with a hydro lever controlled drive. Deere fit their “7 iron” mower deck, designed for heavier grass conditions at higher speeds. The 997 comes with side or rear discharge deck at 1.52m width. A deluxe high back air suspension seat with armrests offers comfort for the operator. Adjusting cut height is via a foot operated dial system on the 997, with a range of between 38 and 127mm.

John Deere UK
01949 860491


A fairly new player in mowers is JCB. The Staffordshire based manufacturer now offers two ride on models for commercial use; the ZT20D zero turn and newly launched FM30 out front.

The FM30 is purpose built for grounds maintenance say JCB, and is designed to be rugged and tough for this application. JCB offer either rotary cutting decks or a flail for scrub material. This 1.4m flail unit features twin flails, which is a novel idea. The front set of hammer flails cut the grass and the second set chops further enabling use in various areas from banks and verges but also on normal flat areas. This versatility is a key aspect of the machine say JCB.

The FM30 also features steel body panels, diesel engine plus full high back seat with arm rests. Hydraulic cutting height controls are to the operator’s right hand. A two range hydro drive provides a top road speed of 22kph (full road lighting is standard too) and 4wd provides greater traction. A triple differential lock system gives extra traction provision. In addition to the 1.4m flail, both 1.5 and 1.8 rotary decks can be supplied.

The zero turn ZT20D from JCB features a Yanmar 18hp V Twin diesel with twin pump drive to twin motors. A 1.22m or 1.32m wide side discharge deck can be fitted and adjusted via a fingertip control system (from 38 to 140mm cut heights). A damped control system through the drive levers allows for precise driving say JCB, reducing further strimming around obstacles etc. For those wanting to collect the grass, JCB offer a 436 litre PTO driven collector system for the side discharge deck.

01889 590312


Another relative newcomer to grounds care mowers is Massey Ferguson. The company offer the 21-25GC with a 25hp Kohler Vtwin engine and optional 1.37m side discharge mower deck complete with shaft drive and hydraulic lift. A hydrostatic gearbox with cruise control and differential lock is standard, as is power steering to make the 21-25GC easier to operate around obstacles. The E-Vac deck engagement is said to offer smooth mowing start up. For rougher areas, Massey offer the 36-22 HG High Grass variant. This has a 22hp Kawasaki engine, 0.92m deck and a special high grass deck for longer, rougher grass areas. Chevron rear tyres can be specified. Also from Massey is the 21-22GC model, offering a 22hp Kohler powerplant, hydrostatic drive with cruise control, electronic deck engagement and front bumper bar. In the zero turn market, MF market one machine, the 50-22ZT. This features a 22hp Kawasaki V twin engine, 1.27m side discharge deck with electronic engagement, pivoting front axle for ground contour following and optional mulching kit.

Massey Ferguson
02476 694400


Kubota offer three distinct ranges in their ride on lineup – out front, tractor ride on and zero turn. Looking first at the out front machines, Kubota’s F1900, F2880 and F3680 are available. The F1900 has Kubota’s own 18hp diesel engine and a single foot pedal speed control of the hydrostatic transmission. Cruise control features as standard with on demand 4wd also part of the package. A top forward speed of 13.5kph is possible. A side discharge deck of either 1.22 or 1.37m width can be fitted to the F1900, lifted by a hydraulic setup. The larger F2880 and F3680 feature Kubota diesel engines of either 28 or 36hp plus twin range for Forward and Reverse hydro transmission (with up to 20kph speed forwards). Auto Assist 4wd provides traction on demand, with a differential lock as standard – cruise control is optional, however. The deck gets a live hydraulic lift system and shaft drive, plus 90 degree tilt for cleaning and maintenance. Either 1.52 or 1.82m decks in rear or side discharge can be specified, with mulch kit optional for all.

For those who prefer tractor based machines, the Kubota GR2160 and GR21 are deemed as professional user models. The GR2160 has a 21hp diesel engine, a 15kph top speed and shaft drive to the mower. Either 1.22 or 1.37m wide decks can be specified, with hydraulic lift and dial height adjustment also standard. A high back seat aids in those long days in the seat. The GR21 PRO and HD PRO models have a 21hp diesel engine, 22 litre fuel tank and hydro drive with single pedal. The HD High Dump version has added weight for stability (another 100kg or so). Both feature a hydro transmission operated by a foot pedal (as is the norm), with a top speed of 15kph so pretty nippy when not mowing. Electric power steering comes as standard too, as does a grass collector, with the HD giving a higher drop height. Kubota’s Glide Cut system is said to channel the grass better into the rear collector from the 1.22m rear discharge deck.

Zero turn is catered for by four model specs. The base model GZD15-LD and HD versions offer the same specs bar the latter having a high dump collection system. Both have a 15hp diesel engine, mid mount mower and front axle pivot. A 1.07m deck is standard, with twin blades and cut height from 25 to 107mm, with a clearance lift height of 135mm. The rear collector on both versions holds 400 litres, with the HD version lifting to 1.8m. The GZD21-HD is a 21hp version of the smaller machine, with a similar tip height but 1.22m wide deck.

The larger ZD21 and ZD28 models feature, unsurprisingly, 21 and 28 diesel engines. A top speed of 15kph can be achieved with both models via the hydro transmission. Either side or rear discharge decks are available, in 1.52m width only with triple blades. A parallel linkage lifts the deck hydraulically for transport.

Kubota UK
01844 214500


Hayter, which is part of the Toro Company, has been at the forefront of mowing technology for many years. Offering not only green Hayter products, the company also market red liveried Toro equipment. Kicking off the Toro range is the zero turn Z593 Diesel, which packs a 23hp Kubota engine and 1.32m rear discharge cutting deck. This is lifted via a hand control with foot assist facility, and features triple blades and recycler option. The larger Toro Z Master 597-D is a zero turn machine which has a Daihatsu 27hp diesel engine, twin hydraulic pumps, twin drive motors and the usual twin hand lever controls that are found on this type of machine. The 597-D can drive up to 19kph forwards, 12.5kph in reverse. Toro’s Turbo Force deck is fitted, which is said to offer increased productivity through increase grass flow. The deck is rear discharge and covers 1.57m, with the option of recycler unit for mulching.

Also a zero turn is the Toro GroundsMaster 7210 aimed at the larger area user. Featuring a 31.5hp Kubota diesel engine, the GM7210 offers shaft drive to the mid mounted, rear discharge deck with hydraulic lift and fully adjustable seat. Two decks are available, in either 1.57 or 1.83m widths and in either standard rear discharge or recycler configuration. The latter features a baffle to reduce clipping density.

For those wanting out front machines, Toro market their 3280-D machine. This has a 28hp Kubota engine, hydro drive and 4wd which is on-demand via a bi-directional overrunning clutch. Mechanical seat is standard, with air suspension as an option – ROPS is a foldable type. Two cutting decks can be specified, in either 1.52 or 1.57m widths. The smaller deck is a side discharge unit, with adjustable baffle while the larger deck is rear discharge in standard or recycler format for better grass dispersion. A ROPS hard cab is an option.

01279 723 444


Not only do Ipswich based Ransomes Jacobsen supply a range of mowers, but they also distribute Iseki equipment too.

On the Ransomes front, green machines come in either out front or zero turn models. The newly launched HR3000T has a Kubota 33hp diesel engine, offset deck caster wheels for closer edge trimming and full hydraulic drive. Two deck widths can be specified: 1.52m rear discharge/mulching or 1.83m rear or side discharge. The operator has fingertip control of the cut height and the machine is can be equipped with full road lighting. Slightly larger is the HR3806, which has a Kubota 33.5hp engine and choice of 1.5, 1.6 or 1.8m cutting widths with either side or rear discharge. Full time 4wd is via direct coupled wheel motors giving a maximum transport speed of 22kph.

Ransomes also offer the Frontline 728, which has a 28hp Kubota diesel engine and cutting widths of 1.5, 1.6 and 1.8m. A 16kph top speed is possible, and the 728 can be chosen in either 2 or 4wd. ROPS and mulching decks are optional. Ransomes also has a zero turn model, the ZT220D, in their range. This out front machine is claimed to be the only diesel powered ZT machine in its class and features a 1.5m wide rear discharge cutting deck. A 20hp Yanmar engine provides the power and a high back seat gives added user comfort. Cut heights are variable from 38 to 114mm and Ransomes claim an output of 1.4ha/hour with this machine.

Iseki offer both tractor type and forward deck mowers. The SXGarden 19 ride on mower features a 19hp 3 cylinder Iseki diesel engine, 1.22m width deck and rear 550 litre dump collector, which offers either low level or high (1.86m) discharge. The operator uses the hydraulic lift and dump functions from the seat. Also in the SXGarden range is a 22 version, with a 22hp diesel engine and similar features to the 19 version. A 1.37m deck is available.

Iseki also manufacture a compact type tractor mower, the TXG23. Featuring a 23hp Iseki diesel power unit and a 540kg rear lift, the TXG23 is a powerful unit capable of utilising a 1.37m side discharge deck, a rear discharge mulching deck of the same width plus a 1.52m side version too. A two speed hydrostatic drive is standard and power steering will aid in those tricky turning areas. A variety of options can be specified, including a rear grass collector and front linkage. The TXG23 is available in 2 and 4wd versions.

Iseki also have two forward deck machines. The SF310 features a 30hp diesel engine, choice of decks from 1.52 to 1.8m width and twin range hydro drive. Top speed is 22.8kph forwards and 4wd is automatic, kicking in as and when required. An auto throttle system and cruise control aid in driver comfort, as does an optional ROPS cab. A 1.5m flail mower can also be chosen. The SF370 is larger with a 36hp engine and offers a high dump collector (SF310 has a normal 1000 litre unit). Other options such as Kevlar tyres can be fitted to both machines.

Ransomes Jacobsen
01473 270000


Countax has one diesel powered machine in their extensive ride on range. The D50-LN, launched in February 2007, features a Yanmar V Twin 18hp diesel engine, 1.27m wide triple blade cutting deck and 390 litre grass collector. A heavy-duty chassis ensures strength when used in commercial scenarios and a hydrostatic one pedal drive system and differential lock make the D50-LN easy and safe to use. Electronic deck height adjustment is standard, working via a dial selector, and the grass collector also features a push button emptying and raising facility for convenience. Standard operator features such as an RPM display, hour meter, service indicator and fuel level gauge will assist professional operators. Optional decks include a mulching version of the standard 1.27m type plus a 1.07m wide high grass mulching variant.

Also from Countax is the X range, which are front mounted rear pivot steer machines. A range of 5 models covers 15.5hp up to 20hp, with two models offering 4wd capability. All have hydro drive, the 4wd models featuring what Countax call “4TRAC” technology and dynamic traction control. All machines have the OMS (Operating Management System) which is an onboard computer which shows optimum speed or RPM, allows for diagnostics plus fuel warning and service interval alerts. On 4wd models, an electronic slope alert system warns of an unsafe incline. A visual of cut height is also shown. A range of decks from 0.97m up to 1.12m are available, with options of mulching or high grass decks too.

0800 597 7777


Ariens UK offer a wide range of zero turn mowers in the UK. The mid mount series of zero turns starts with the 17hp PM34Z Pro, which features a 0.86m rear discharge deck, 11kph forward speed and option of a 1.12m deck. Moving up in size, the next Ariens machine is the PM144Z, which comes in either rotary or flail version. The former features a 1.12m triple blade deck, 21hp Kawasaki engine hydraulic lift system. The flail version has the same engine, but features a 1.12m wide flail so more suited to rougher grass areas. The PM252 Z is next up, and offers a 27hp Briggs Daihatsu diesel engine, 1.35m cutting width deck and 17.6kph top speed. Options include folding ROPS and cleated tyres.

The PM260 Z TD offers even more power in the shape of a 31hp turbocharged Briggs diesel engine, plus has a 1.5m cut width deck. Rear discharge deck can be fitted with mulcher, as can all zero turns, and ROPS is optional. The PM272 Z TD has a 1.8m deck in lieu of the 1.5m from the PM 260 model, but features the same engine and features. A high dump material collection system can be specified on these machines. Ariens also offer an outfront zero turn model, the Rapid XZ D. This packs a 31hp Kohler diesel engine, hydraulic deck lift and hydraulic weight transfer system for added traction. A top speed of 20kph is achievable, with a 1.52m “X-Factor” deck at the business end.

€YE-Q is standard on all but the PM34 Z and Rapid XZ D. This system records information on the machine’s working, including shocks, average cutting speed, fuel use and maintenance schedules, meaning for less downtime and easier diagnosis of faults.

Parts Depot (Ariens’ UK agent) also offer the Gizmow range. This features three models – all designated the Formula – which are unique in zero turn machines in that they steer via the front wheels and also feature a steering wheel. Gizmow claim that this eliminates crabbing on slopes that normal zero turn machines can experience. It also means that there is virtually no possibility of tearing turf when turning as the rear drive wheels follow the steering front castor wheels. The three models are all Kohler petrol powered. Two models feature a 1.32m wide deck with either 25 or 27hp on tap, whilst the largest model in the range features a 1.55m deck and 27hp. Standard features include adjustable suspension seat, electric deck lift and cruise control. ROPS frame is optional.

Parts Depot (Groundscare) Limited
08450 773 773

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