Paramount use engine management skills to make turbo diesel engines run more economically. By using proven ‘plug and play’ economy devices or engine remapping techniques, Paramount can deliver savings of up to 20 per cent for the majority trucks, vans, tractors, and excavators.

Paramount’s managing mirector Paul Busby says: “In the current climate, reducing fuel consumption by even a few per cent can create huge annual savings across a fleet of trucks or vans. The relatively modest initial outlay of a few hundred pounds per conversion can therefore be recouped in no time at all.

“In many cases we can dramatically reduce consumption while still providing an increase in power – the ‘cake and eat it’ conversion For example, earlier this year we modified a Volvo F12 tractor unit, achieving an increase in power and better driveability on top of a reduction in consumption from 4.2mpg to 6.7mpg – an improvement of nearly 60 per cent!”

Paramount’s plug and play economy units and remapping services for turbo diesel commercial vehicles start at £299 plus VAT and come with a money back guarantee. The plug and play units can be readily transferred to another vehicle of the same type, making it possible to amortise the initial investment over a longer period.

www.paramount-performance.com TEl +44 (0)1753 533633.

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