Wider Choice……Sanli

Sanli has extended the number of pedestrian mowers in its range available with the choice of a Sanli or Briggs and Stratton power unit.
Originally available only on the self-propelled LBP46 18in (46cm) steel deck rotary mower, Briggs and Stratton’s DOV 750 5.5hp petrol engine is now used also on the Sanli LBP513 3-in-1 20in (51cm) steel deck rotary mower. The DOV 750 engine comes as standard on the top-of-the-range Sanli LBPA56 22in (56cm) rotary mower with aluminium cutter deck.
Explaining the reasons for offering a choice of identically-powered engines on the same mower model, Sanli UK’s general manager, Claire Morris, pointed out that there are a number of end-users who ask specifically for a Briggs and Stratton power unit.
“This may be due to familiarity with the engine, the fact that they hold a stock of suitable spare parts or simply that they have always used and been happy with a Briggs engine,” she said. “That said, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the equivalent Sanli power unit which delivers virtually identical performance at a considerable cost-saving for the purchaser.”

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