Fuel Saving

White van man

Ashwoods Automotive is showcased two fuel-saving technologies at the CV Show.
Ashwoods Hybrid Transit recovers energy lost during deceleration and turns it into power, through an electric torque assist. The engine therefore does not have to work as hard, resulting in fuel consumption savings of up to 25%. Ashwoods EcoDrive Transit works with the operator to improve driver efficiency, delivering fuel savings of up to 15%.
Mark Roberts, Managing Director of Ashwoods Automotive,told The Landscaper : “Ashwoods vehicles offer fleet operators and owner-drivers alike the opportunity to reduce diesel spend and lower CO2 emissions, without having to invest a fortune in new technology.
“Our vehicles have the Transit’s durability, reliability and familiarity, with the added benefit of significantly lower fuel bills.”
Ashwoods EcoDrive makes complex calculations to inform drivers on real-time engine efficiency. This helps the operator intuitively alter his driving style to remain in the energy-efficient ‘zone’. A more advanced version incorporating telematics for fleet managers is also available. Prices start from £11,995 and finance is available from £169 per month.

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