Stumping up

Vermeer has introduced the new stump cutter The SC852 is designed to boost productivity with a sizeable cutting width and the ability to work on uneven terrain.

A four-position linkage design allows the cutter wheel to move away from the machine as the boom drops down toward the stump. This reduces the need to reposition the entire unit. The SC852 achieves cutting heights of 31 inches (79 cm) above ground and 25 inches (64 cm) below grade. The cutter wheel guard remains parallel with the ground so it does not limit movement over obstacles. The straight line cutting width at ground level is 72 inches (183 cm).

Powered by an 85 hp (63 kW) Cummins Tier 3 turbocharged diesel engine, the SC852 produces up to 224 ft-lbs (203 Nm) of torque and has enough power to tackle large stumps. 01933 274400

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