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Makita has taken the pressure off ground-staff and gardeners by fitting a reliable 18v lithium-ion powered electric pump into back-pack sprayers in place of the old fashioned hand operated pressure pump. No longer will the pressure dwindle to a dribble without another fatiguing session of pumping.
The ultra reliable Makita BVF104 and BVF154RF pumps deliver a constant 0.3Mpa pressure. When the Li-ion battery does not have sufficient energy to run the pump at the correct pressure it simply switches off the sprayer. This ensures that a correct and even spray pattern of liquid is constantly delivered.
Two nozzles are provided: a Y-pattern double nozzle which delivers 0.8 litre per minute and a wide angle nozzle that delivers 1.3 litres per minute. With a single battery the new Makita sprayers have a constant run-time of 135 minutes with the double nozzle, and will run for nearly three and a half hours with the single, wide angle nozzle fitted. Plenty of operating time from a single, quick charge Li-ion battery for most spray applications.
Available in 10 litre or 15 litre capacities, the new Makita sprayers weigh less than 5kg when empty and have a wide, easy-close filling port. A particularly useful two-mode operation can achieve either a constant spray or an intermittent delivery which is controlled by the finger trigger on the spray lance. The net weight of each machine is 4.0kgs and 4.3kgs respectively.

Tel: (01908) 211678

Wessex have launched the Rotowiper weed wiper. Set to be a hugely popular addition to their increasingly comprehensive ATV accessories line-up, the Rotowiper is available in 1.8m, 2.4m, 2.8m and 3.2m working widths and is priced from just £2295 + vat. Trailed behind an ATV and using a 45 litre tank, the Rotowiper coats an adjustable height rotating roller with weed killer, which covers the underside of weed leaves to effectively kill them off. This product makes the chore of weed killing a quick, comprehensive and effective task, while the operator remains on the seat of the quad or ATV, safely away from the chemical.
Tel 01420 478111

Team Sparyers A complete re-design sees the new Vixen self-propelled sprayer, fitted with a 24v battery powered axle with variable forward and reverse drive and low ground pressure tyres. Battery levels are displayed on the hand control and recharging is quick and simple with the recharger supplied.
The 3m folding boom is equipped 6 triple nozzle assemblies and ‘break back’ sprung protection against contact with stakes or trees. It can be used with full 3m application or 1.5m with one boom folded and nozzles switched off.
The 14 LPM diaphragm pump offers reliable and fully adjustable application rates. A 120 litre polythene tank with wide, filter protected filling facility completes the robust design.
Optional extras include foam bout marker, hand lance and hose kit and ‘Driftmaster’ covered boom.

TEl 01353 661211

SCH have just introduced a new electric powered sprayer to their range, to satisfy the demand for a self propelled sprayer. The tank capacity is 70 Litres (15 gallons). The liquid is dispensed by a 12 volt diaphragm pump. A three nozzle boom and a hand lance are supplied with each unit. The sprayer, being all electric, is silent in operation, which makes it ideal for use in areas where noise is critical.
The front wheel houses the powerful 24 volt drive wheel. The two rear swivel casters make the unit very manoeuvrable in restricted areas. SCH can alter or adapt the sprayer to suit any special requirements you may have. Optional extras for this unit include spray booms up to 16’ coverage, a 48” dribble bar, a wind shield for the three nozzle boom and a drop foam line marker.
Tel 01473 328272

Nomix TDC is a unique low volume hand-held herbicide application system. It combines specially formulated ready to use herbicides, with easy to use, accurate applicators. Nomix TDC ensures targeted applications with virtually no spray drift or droplet bounce and no breathable droplets. This makes it safer for operators, bystanders, wildlife, pets and the environment.
Nomix TDC is extremely cost effective as it reduces the volume of herbicide applied and virtually eliminates wastage, whilst delivering excellent results.
The Frontline Classic is a state of the art applicator. A 5 litre ready to use herbicide pack connects directly to the applicator and is carried in a comfortable backpack.
The Frontline Compact is ideal where smaller volumes are required. A 750ml ready to use herbicide cartridge connects straight into the end of the applicator, eliminating the need to carry a backpack.

Tel 01264 388056

Birchmeier – who have designed and manufactured sprayers for over 130 years have developed a range of sprayers that are both versatile and robust for the everyday professional user. Their range of sprayers, built with typical Swiss precision, are sold successfully across Europe and specific markets in north and south America. Today these same sprayers are available in the UK through their newly appointed distributor Central Spares.
The heart of any sprayer is the pump and on the flagship model – the Iris – the pump is cleverly mounted externally, which provides for ease of maintenance. In use the piston is operated thousands of times and with the externally mounted pump there is considerably less problems with dirt and undissolved particles affecting the pump and therefore the operating efficiency of the sprayer – let alone the reducing or eliminating down time when dismantling lower priced machines for cleaning and unblocking.
Removing the large filler cap exposes the integral filter in the wide opening which provides effective protection against dirt and other debris entering the sprayer. The thick walled impact resistant tank is blow moulded by Birchmeiers own robotic machinery to provide a smooth inside without seams or corners – which means minimal residual spray and easy cleaning. Noticeable is the way in which the entire tank sits into a stainless steel base, which is resistant to damage from everyday use such as dragging the sprayer from the back of a truck.
At the spray end of the unit – the Iris sprayer is fitted with many solid brass components – including the professional trigger assembly which also boasts an integrated fine filter in the handle, this further prevents the nozzle from becoming blocked. A 50cm curved brass spray lance and 1.5mm brass mist spray nozzle makes the Iris backpack sprayer stand alone from its competitors. And to complete this end of the sprayer the quality hose assembly is both kink and oil resistant.

TEl 01202 882000

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