Slope mowing

Designed for contractors who want a machine exclusively for slope mowing, ROBOCUT Pure is a simple, straightforward version of McConnel’s classic ROBOCUT.
Created as an entry-level model for those keen to enter the remote control mowing market, ROBOCUT Pure shares many of the characteristics of the flagship model, offering a suite of advanced features and benefits that include:
• Exceptional stability on slopes of up to 55 degrees
• Safe, reliable remote-control up to 150m
• Responsive, easy to master controls
• A powerful and fuel-efficient 40hp engine made by Isuzu
• The same heavy-duty chassis designed to withstand the wear and tear of full-time professional contracting duties
• A choice of cutting heads including a 1.3 high-performance flailhead and a 1.5m rotary head
• Enables operators to work in dangerous, inaccessible, or restricted-access sites
• A faster and safer alternative to hand-cutting
While the classic ROBOCUT includes such specialist features such as a hydraulic front-hood, an easy-clean radiator matrix, and auxiliary services for attachments such as a stump grinder, ROBOCUT Pure is a streamlined version which still retains the core features essential for high-performance mowing.
McConnel general manager Christian Davies told The Landscaper, “ROBOCUT Pure delivers exceptional stability, cutting power and value for money, and will appeal to professional contractors looking to enter the fast-growing remote control mowing sector.”
ROBOCUT Pure is available now at a RRP of £42,300.
TEl 01584 873131

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