Giving weeds a spot of bother

With a number of products leaving the amenity market it is good to see that approvals can still be gained. One of the latest approvals is a new formulation of the herbicide BLASTER, called BLASTER PRO. This product, containing triclopyr and clopyralid, has the addition of adjuvants to improve the product profile.
“Achieving approvals, with the current standards of regulations, takes some doing,” explains Andy Cawley, Market Manager, Dow AgroSciences Specialty Products. “And we are delighted to gain knapsack approval for BLASTER PRO to ensure its longer term future.”
This foliar acting herbicide, which is effective against common nettle, docks, creeping thistle, bramble, broom and gorse in amenity grassland, must be applied as spot treatment at a rate of 60mls of product in 10 litres of water. Treatment should take place when the weeds are actively growing and to ensure maximum translocation of the product to the roots, for more effective kill, grass should not be cut for 28 days after application.
“After this year’s very cold spring, everything has had such a late start,” says Mark De’Ath, Operations Director, Headland Amenity. “With improving weather conditions it looks like things are now on the turn and it won’t be long before the weeds are making their presence felt and BLASTER PRO will come into its own. However, spraying should not be left too late as most effective kill of all the target weeds will be achieved before they get too large.”
BLASTER PRO is available now from Headland Amenity Ltd in packs of 10 x 1 litre.
Tel: 01223 597834

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