Quiet brush cutter New Makita BBC231

The new Makita BBC231 brush cutter uses a 2.6Ah Li-ion battery to power a brushless DC motor to drive the long shaft, drive head and 230mm steel cutting blade. This brush cutter runs extremely quietly and the blade will run up to 7,000rpm on full power and up to 5,000rpm on normal run setting. Tests have shown that average working run time is 30 minutes per full charge. The battery can be recharged in just 22 minutes. A useful reverse function has been added to remove any material that could build up around the gear box.
The cutter has soft-start which means that the motor has a planned acceleration from idle even if the trigger is fully depressed. This protects the machine and makes control easy and safe for the operator. The high/low speed selection is changed by a simple dial at the trigger switch. The variable speed control trigger is conveniently placed on the right hand cow-horn handle which features rubberised ergonomic soft grips for comfort and protection. The handles can be adjusted without the need for tools.
An LED display adjacent to the speed control indicates battery operations and motor temperature. Should the motor overheat it switches off for protection. Weighing just 6.8kgs, this battery powered brush cutter offers a quiet, powerful alternative to petrol engine machines and will prove ideal for use in public places or residential areas where people prefer a quiet environment.

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