Bradford fights back….. Six-acre park

Currently dominating the heart of the northern city, the Bradford police station demolition will make way for a six-acre park including the largest city centre water feature in the UK.
The City Park is a critical step forward for Bradford, in building a strong city centre and attracting the investment and businesses Bradford needs. Most importantly, the City Park will put Bradford back on the map.
The park, equivalent to four football pitches and approximately the same size as St Mark’s Square in Venice, will be a world-class attraction. Re-introducing water back into the heart of Bradford is a key part of the renaissance of the city. Originating from ‘Broad-ford’, Bradford’s rich textile history was built on its natural watercourses. The city hopes once more to use water as a basis for future growth, this time with a modern twist.
The centrepiece of the Park will be the 4200 sq m mirror pool, an event in itself – different each time you visit. Made up of three individual pools the mirror pool will also include striking water features such as 100 fountains, jets and causeways. The central fountain reaches over 30m into the air and light and sound installations will animate the space throughout the day and night. It will be a shallow pool of water, around 25cm in depth at its deepest point, grading gradually to the edge of the pool. It can be used both filled with water, but also drained and used for public events.
The funding for the City Park is provided by the public sector in partnership between Bradford Council, Yorkshire Forward and the Regional Transport Board
Keep up to date with the City Park and the demolition by visiting the City Park Webcam at

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