Strathclyde Sportsturf Management (SSM) covers professional turf management contracts in Central Scotland, Ayrshire, Lanarkshire and the Scottish Borders.
Overseeding is a key operation for the company and, as SSM Director Ian Headley points out, it is a job that can be carried out on fine turf to help increase the population of desired grass species without disrupting the existing playing surface. To carry this out successfully on a bowling green, however, the job needs care and the right equipment.

Among the latest equipment purchases is a Redexim 1275 Overseeder. Supplied by Charterhouse Turf Machinery dealers Nairn Brown (Glasgow) Ltd, the tractor mounted Overseeder 1275 uses 14 discs spaced at 75mm to open up a clean slit in the turf into which the metered seed is dropped. Able to cover 1200mm in a pass, the Overseeder is able to work quickly and accurately, placing seed at a sowing depth that can be adjusted between 12 to 20mm.
“We tried a number of Overseeders before choosing the Charterhouse machine,” says SSM Director Ian Headley told The Landscaper “We have been delighted with its performance and have used it extensively to include football and rugby pitches. We have monitored its performance through the summer and have been delighted with its performance.”
Although circumstances may dictate a different process, the work done on the winter sports turf this past summer has involved sowing 250kg of seed per pitch in three different directional passes. This work has to be carried out in the ‘closed’ season, with most clubs having the last game at the end of May with friendly matches commencing again in August. This short window means long working hours. It also means there are no second chances to get the overseeding right.
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