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John Deere has added two new zero-turn mowers to its range of riding lawn equipment, which includes the existing Z425 model. The Z225 is an entry level machine, while the Z645 has been designed to meet the requirements of semi-professional users.
The larger Z645 model is equipped with a V-twin engine developing 15.4kW at 3350rpm. This provides high torque levels for all applications, with low vibration and noise levels. The Z645 is more robustly designed than the smaller Z225 and Z425 models, and features an increased specification, including a heavy-duty pump and wheel motor transmission for extra reliability and long life.
The Z645 is equipped with a 122cm (48in) high-capacity mower deck, which is designed to handle larger volumes of grass and stand up to the most challenging mowing conditions. In addition, a foot pedal system makes it easy to lift and lower the deck, which is particularly useful when faced with obstacles such as kerbs and paths, for example.
The operator station features a high back seat, which can be easily adjusted in position for different operators. The control panel is conveniently located and provides easy access to the ignition switch, deck engagement and engine/choke controls, which also include the engine rpm speed control.
The smaller Z225 model is also equipped with a twin-cylinder engine, developing 14.6kW at 3150rpm. This still provides plenty of power and torque, whether you are discharging grass clippings to the side or using the optional collection system or mulching kit. The electronic ignition allows easy starting, while premium power and fuel economy are provided by the V-twin overhead valves and cast iron cylinder liners, which ensure a long engine life.
The Z225 can travel at speeds of up to 11.3kph and benefits from efficient, adjustable twin lever controls, which are very easy to use and feature shock absorbers for more comfortable operation. The large 33cm (13in) diameter front caster wheels and 18×8.5-8 rear drive tyres provide solid traction and a smoother ride.

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