New Generation …..Saltex Report

Campey Turf Care Systems introduced two new patented rotors for the renowned Koro by Imants Field Top Maker at Saltex.
Campey launches two significant developments; one for natural turf and the other for all surfaces.
The Terraplaner Rotor achieves a perfectly level turf surface, ready for aeration and overseeding by quickly removing unwanted organic material such as poa-annua, thatch, weeds or the entire surface to a depth of 50mm
The Universe Rotor is for removing a year’s accumulated organic matter from synthetic, natural and hybrid surfaces in only one pass. It has been tested on DESSO Grass Master with fantastic results, demonstrating the ability to totally remove the organic accumulations on the immediate pitch surface. So efficient is it in exposing the Desso Fibres and creating excellent surface hygiene, new seed can be sown quickly and with confidence.
“Richard Campey explains the importance of these two new rotors: “The Terraplaner and Universe rotors are the next generation of Koro by Imants Field Top Maker. We have to keeping moving forward and improving through experience, mindful of changes in the way surfaces are used and maintained.
“In conjunction with Imants we have built on the knowledge gained from years of experience and good practise with Koro. We learn from the results and translate the findings into even better machines for better playing surfaces in the future.”
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