Light weight…low noise…… Makita UC3520A Chain Saw

The Makita UC3520A electric chainsaw has proved the best possible buy in a multi-brand chainsaw test run by Britain’s leading consumer magazine’s review of home and garden products. It scored 67%, the highest score of the 14 machines tested, which covered thorough trials of branch cutting, logging, vibration, noise, balance, manoeuvrability and convenience.
The UC3520A cuts harder wood consistently well and without struggling, the test reports, which also compliments the light weight of the Makita model. This means that the chainsaw is not tiring to use so work can be carried out for longer periods. This ease of use is enhanced by the low noise of an electric saw compared to the petrol derivatives.
The chainsaw has a 35cm bar length and with 1800w of power is a mid-size model, which the review reports, is one of the easiest and most versatile to use of all the chainsaws tested.
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