Bag in Box

JCB’s “Bag in Box” Lubricants – a revolutionary new packaging system for its own brand oils –is claimed to be 84% more environmentally friendly and delivers a series of cost and performance benefits to the landscaping sector.
Available globally for engine, hydraulic and transmission lubricants, the new system will be extremely attractive to those landscaping contractors with strict environmental policies and stringent recycling targets to meet on behalf of utilities firms, local authorities or due to group directives.
Using technology which is exclusive to JCB, Bag in Box packaging consists simply of a rigid outer cardboard box and an inner plastic bag which contains the lubricant. The system is to be used on all JCB’s 5L and 20L lubricant product ranges from December 2008. This new 20L box option replaces the previous 25L plastic drum. As with JCB’s existing lubricant products, the universal oils are compatible with both JCB and competitive plant and equipment.
Introduced as part of JCB’s drive towards greener production methods, the outer cardboard box is made from 96% recycled cardboard and has been developed specifically for this product. It incorporates a weather proof film on the outer surface allowing it to retain its strength even when exposed to the elements when stored outside. Despite the film, the cardboard is 98% recyclable and can be disposed of through the user’s current, standard, cardboard collection and recycling arrangements
The inner plastic bag is the only portion which should be disposed of as contaminated waste. As the plastic content is 84% less and can be squashed down to roughly the size of a grapefruit, it dramatically reduces the high costs associated with plastic drum disposal.

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