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The trade association Interpave aims to provide the most comprehensive, objective and up-to-date information on all aspects of paving for the widest possible audience. The website is organised to help users find the right type and level of detail of information for particular needs. The ‘Topical Issues’ section will be of interest to – amongst others – designers, landscapers, planners, local authorities and the press, offering guidance in 15 downloadable brochures on matters of particular importance today. The latest of these is the 20-page Understanding Permeable Paving document which considers statutory requirements, the planning process, overall design, long-term performance, costs and adoption issues surrounding this important sustainable drainage technique.

There is a special Domestic Paving section for contractors, concentrating on drives, patios and paths – including downloads on responsible rainwater management around the home, specifically referred to in government guidance on new planning regulations for front gardens.


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