Terrain Aeration Services has acquired the assets of C&P Soilcare, which has ceased to trade.

Included in the machinery bought by the Suffolk based aeration contractor is the Terralift 2000, the only other Terralift type machine to exist in the UK outside Terrain Aeration’s Airforce Terralift fleet. Originally designed and built by David Green, now managing director of Terrain Aeration, the Terralift 2000 will be completely re-built in Green’s workshops to emerge as yet another Airforce Scamper Terralift.

The Deep Drill, also bought by Terrain Aeration was brought into the UK, by Lynda Green, (now Terrain Aeration’s operations director) who was the first to offer this form of aeration service 15 years ago.

“This machine will be completely stripped and rebuilt before putting into service later in the year,” said David Green. “As the only company offering a one-metre deep compressed air de-compaction service combined with the injection of seaweed nutrient, mychorrizal fungi, water-storing polymer or de-contaminating biological bacteria in the UK, we warmly welcome all former customers of C&P Soilcare.”

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