Allett has introduced a fast, convenient and precise cutting height adjuster for its Shaver, Tournament and C-Range fine-turf pedestrian mowers.

Known as the Quick Height Adjuster, the device consists of a micrometer dial and threaded rod assembly attached to either end of the mower’s front roller. Each click-turn of the dial moves the front roller up or down by 0.4mm, altering the height of cut by an identical amount depending on the direction in which the dial is turned.

The new adjuster supersedes the previously-used system for adjusting the mowers’ cutting height which required spanners to slacken the height-adjuster locking nuts and to wind the adjuster up or down.

To be fitted as standard to Allett’s 20in and 24in Shaver and Tournament mowers and to the C-20 and C-24 cartridge head machines equipped with a 10-bladed cutting cylinder, the Quick Height Adjuster will be included on all new machines delivered this spring.
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