Down to earth

The no-nonsense BLEC PBR80 Power Box Rake the ideal tool.
The multi-use, quick fit machine can do it all in one pass with a powerful contra rotating tooth rotor penetrating hard ground to produce up to 75mm of soil pulverising, levelling and grading.
Designed to attach to the majority of European 2-wheel tractors of between 8hp and 14hp, such as Grillo, Camon and Ferrari, the walk-behind PBR80 has a bi-angling rotor to allow stones and debris to be windrowed to the side. Folding down the side end plates allows excess material to be easily collected up into a pile and the rake has adjustable screw jack castor wheels, for accurate depth control, and an adjustable barrier blade.
Built to withstand a tough life the rotor teeth are long-life carbide and transmission is by shaft drive through a heavy-duty gearbox to a side chain drive, to take the daily punishment of working hard ground and moving stones.
The rotor system is quickly detachable to allow changing to optional tines, spring or brush rotors to suit the work in hand.
The PBR80, with its working width of 80cm, is one of three walk-behind BLEC Power Box Rakes, the other models being 60cm and 100cm and there are tractor and loader mounted versions.
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