New options for aerator

Classen has announced the introduction of optional solid tines for the RA21 aerator. This gives the groundsman the choice of hollow or solid tines, depending on their preference for the type of work being done. The Classen RA21 reciprocating aerator is well known for its abilities to punch clean holes in tough, hardened soil without additional weights.
Now the groundsman can choose to solid tine on lawn areas which, say, have a low level of compaction or perhaps need treatment during periods of hot weather. In situations where hollow tine aeration will be more beneficial, lawns more heavily compacted or amenity areas suffering from a lot of wear and tear for example, a longer lasting effect can be achieved. The tines can be quickly and easily changed to suit the work.
The RA21 is the ideal machine for getting air to the roots to promote growth, particularly after long, dry spells and is easy to use and maintain. Controls are simple and the aerator doesn’t use hydraulics to independently drive the tines, covering more turf in less time and with less fatigue for the operator.
With core tines it will cover up to 26,000 sq. ft. per hour at 450 reciprocating revolutions per minute. Large, pneumatic tyres front and back give the machine a good flotation on turf and it turns much like a walk-behind mower, so there is all the manoeuvrability you need. For transportation there are lifting and tie-down handles, with a folding handle to save space, and with a width of just 80cm (31.5”) the RA21 fits neatly through gates.
The machine comes with a two-year professional warranty.
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