New Range Knapsack Sprayers

DMMP Limited are excited to announce the launch of their new range of Magnum Knapsack Sprayers – the MS1000 Commercial and the MS2000 Professional.
These high quality sprayers meet the needs of both the amateur and the demanding professional by providing all users with a lightweight and easy to use knapsack sprayer, with Viton no leak seals and padded comfort straps.
The MS2000 has been enhanced with a stainless steel chassis and lance, along with additional back padding to ensure comfort when using for a longer period.
The versatility of these sprayers is demonstrated through their suitability for use all year round as both models are suitable for spraying liquid fertiliser and liquid ice melt products.
The MS1000 Commercial is available for £82.50 (excl. VAT & delivery) and £119.00 (excl. VAT & delivery) for the MS2000 Professional model.
Tel 01455 825400

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