Uplifting machinery

The hydraulic Foldaway 500 (FV500) is the first fully hydraulic 500kg capacity Swing Lift vehicle mounted crane from Penny Hydraulics. Designed for a wide range of load handling applications including service, engineering and deliveries. Compact design, robust construction and light weight ensure the FV500 can be installed on a wide range commercial vehicles to provide reliable and flexible load handling capabilities that reduce or eliminate the need for manual handling

Self contained hydraulics provide full 360 degree slew rotation with powered boom raise and lower for controlled, precise and safe handling and all round access to loads. This helps to ensure that there are no unexpected or sudden movements from the crane or load, even when the vehicle is parked on uneven ground. Hydraulic boom extension and retraction is standard which, with a range of optional manual extensions, eliminates the need to climb on the vehicle or approach the crane to adjust its reach for improved productivity and greater safety. The electric winch enables the crane to raise and lower loads below ground level, for example to support utility maintenance and engineering tasks.

Maximum lifting capacity is 500kg in all possible boom extension and elevation settings. This means that the FV500 can handle its full load at all times for complete operational versatility. A wander lead with simple push button controls enables operators to remain well away from the lifting area when handling loads for ultimate safety.

Compact design and low overall weight ensures that the FV500 can be installed without unduly affecting load carrying capacity. It folds down when not in use to leave clear and unobstructed access to the vehicle and load space. A choice of 12 or 24V power enables simple installation by connection to the existing vehicle wiring. The mounting socket fitting allows the crane to be transferred between vehicles.

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