MP & KM Golding offer a unique concept in road and track maintenance. Gone is the need to repair old, worn and potholed tracks by importing new and highly expensive stone. They operate two different types of crusher which are capable of crushing all types of stone, from tarmac to concrete blocks, they crush and lift the existing track hence recycling the old material to provide the new surface. The surface is then levelled and compacted with the use of unique vibrating plates, forming a hard-wearing level surface.
With the addition of cement it is possible to considerably increase the longevity of the road surface. Road stabilisation, using cement, is a tried and tested method and a cost effective alternative to concrete or tarmac.
Mark Golding said “We are having extremely positive feedback and there is obviously a need for this type of unique, low cost service.”
These methods can be applied to a wide variety of applications, for example cow tracks to forest roads to light aircraft runways
In order to view all the services offered by MP & KM Golding in detail, please visit their website at:
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