Selling sand to the Middle East

Producer of specialist silica sand products for the sports industry, Garside Sands is set to become a star following a viewer’s question on the BBC ‘One Show’ about ‘what makes the sand in Leighton Buzzard so special that it is exported overseas, to countries in the Middle East, which have an abundance of their own sand’’

The BBC programme managed to answer the question, following a visit to Aggregate Industries business, Garside Sands’ Heath & Reach site, where TV presenter Angellica Bell and the crew tracked the process of a grain of Leighton Buzzard sand from excavation to washing, grading, drying, bagging and finally shipping to see what was so special.

Graham Turk, Operations Manager for Garside Sands, said: “Leighton Buzzard sand is special because of its high silica sand content and grain shape. This was formed over 130 million years ago when the area was a sea where the motion of the waves created the rounded grain of the sand we quarry today.

“These properties make the sand ideal for specific applications such as water filtration for drinking water to upgrade infrastructure, not just in the UK, but also in Middle Eastern countries and beyond. Leighton Buzzard sand is therefore a very specialist type of sand, of which there is limited availability in the UK and overseas.”

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