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Ransomes Jacobsen market the Iseki range of tractors, which are manufactured in Japan. Encompassing models from 15.5 to 46hp, the Iseki range features high specifications for those wanting a top spec tractor.

The most basic range covering 15.5 to 22hp is the TM range, with three models. All feature a mechanical gearbox and are powered by 3 cylinder Iseki diesel engines. Rear PTO power comes via a 540rpm shaft and mid PTO is at 2000rpm on M designated models. Manual steering is found on the smallest TM3160F model, with hydrostatic on the two others. The smaller machine gets a CAT 0 linkage with the CAT 1 elsewhere, with maximum lift capacities of 480kg and 580kg respectively. Both ag and turf tyres can be specified depending on task required.

The TXG23 is a sub–compact type tractor mower, featuring a 23hp Iseki engine, 2 speed hydrostatic transmission and 540rpm rear PTO. Also included is a mid 2000rpm PTO, which drives the standard mower deck. The machine can be specified in 2 or 4wd, with optional loader and collection system. A front linkage is also available too.

The TH series covers the 26, 29 and 33hp sectors with three models, the two smaller machines offering mechanical drive and the larger purely with infinite speed control hydrostatic type. Mechanical TH4260 and TH4290 have 9F/3R gearbox and feature CAT 1 linkage, optional mid PTO system and standard ROPS frame. These models can be specified with an optional hydrostatic 3 range transmission, which is standard on the TH4330. All models have an independent rear PTO system and can reach 30kph. A wide variety of tyres can be specified, including wider turf and ag patterns for more sensitive areas.

The three TG models top the Iseki range up to 50hp, and cover the 33 to 46hp power band. All feature high torque Iseki engines (3 and 4 cylinder), a 12 x 12 mechanical transmission with electronic IQ system for speed changes plus a hydraulic power shuttle. Cruise control keeps speed at the right level for repetitive tasks such as aerating or mowing. A top speed of 30kph means quick travel on the road or around large sites too. 540 and 1000rpm PTO is standard, and a mid PTO can be specified if required for mower duties. Rear linkage will haul up 1,270kg on the smaller two models with over 1,500kg capacity on the TG5470 machine.

Ransomes Jacobsen
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JCB’s range kicks off with the 323 and 327 models. Powered by 3 cylinder Mitsubishi engines, both offer a top travel speed of 17kph from a two range hydrostatic transmission. Selectable two or four wheel drive is standard spec as is cruise control for wide open space work where a constant speed is needed. JCB also specify a heel operated diff lock for tougher conditions.

Out back, the standard PTO system comprises an independent drive of 540rpm with 2000rpm to the mid mount point. Rear lift system is CAT 1 size and will haul up 700kg, so plenty for most implements to suit this size of tractor. A neat touch is lift arm drop rate adjustment, so heavier kit can be controlled easier when put back into work.

Next up are the 331 and 335 HST models, both with a 4 cylinder Mitsubishi engine and 3 speed 25kph top speed hydrostatic drive plus selectable 4wd and cruise control. A road legal light kit comes as standard, and can be incorporated with an optional cab. As with the smaller models, a twin PTO system is standard spec but these machines offer an extra feature in the form of a headland management system. This automatically engages/disengages the PTO when the linkage is lifted. The rear linkage has 1,250kg capacity.

Topping the JCB lineup up to 50hp is the 354 model, which features a 54hp Perkins turbocharged 4 cylinder engine and 24F/24R mechanical gearbox. A top speed of 33kph is possible with the 354, so for those doing road work and travelling around a large site such as a park or estate will find this of use. A sound proofed air-conditioned cab is standard, as is a CAT 2 pickup type rear linkage capable of lifting 1,937kg. Again, headland management function compliments the linkage and PTO system, making for quicker turns and ease of use.

Complimenting the JCB range are a selection of the company’s own attachments, including loaders, backhoes, and mowers.

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With a well spread dealer network, John Deere can claim excellent sales, parts and service coverage for their compact tractors. These are divided in to three ranges – small, medium and large chassis. The small chassis models (2320 and 2520) cover 24 and 26.4hp respectively with Yanmar engines. Both also have twin pedal hydrostatic drive offering a top speed of up to 22kph, plus have power steering as standard. At the lift arm ends, Deere claim a capacity of 650kg (or 544kg at 610mm) so plenty for the attachments likely to be used with these models. A rear independent PTO of 540rpm and optional mid and front of 2100rpm provide the power to attachments such as mowers, which include both side and rear discharge models. A cab can be specified in lieu of the standard ROPS and the 200CX loader can be fitted, even with a front linkage specification.

Up to medium range and Deere offer their Yanmar powered 3020 models (3320 – 31hp, 3520 – 36hp and 3720 – 42hp), which replaced the 4310 and 4410 models previously on sale. Of the three models, the 3520 can be fitted with a 12F/12R PowrReverser manual transmission otherwise it’s the company’s eHydro 2 pedal hydrostatic system. This offers LoadMatch (which sets torque by adjusting engine speed) or MotionMatch (which sets speed to pre-determined settings), making the operator’s life easier. Mechanical gearbox has a left hand reverser for clutchless and quicker shuttles. Lift of 1,148kg at ball ends is via CAT 1 linkage, with standard 540rpm PTO to rear and optional mid (standard on eHydro models) and front 2100rpm shaft options. Front linkage can be specified too as can ComfortGard cab and dedicated front 300CX loader.

Topping the lineup to around 50hp are the 4320 (47.6hp) and 4520 (52.6hp) John Deere engine powered models, which come with either the company’s eHydro system or PowrReverser 12F/12R. Both offer 30kph top speed and wet disc brakes. As with the all eHydro models, LoadMatch and MotionMatch are standard spec, as is cruise control. Both models will lift 1,423kg at the lift arm ends, and rear PTO is a twin speed 540/540E version, allowing for lower engine revs and fuel savings on low torque applications. A 2100rpm mid PTO can be ordered for mowing duties and the 400CX loader fits these models.

John Deere.
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The Koreans have a reputation for quality machines and Kioti tractors are no exception. Distributed in the UK by RECO of Huntingdon, the Kioti range stretches to some 18 models, of which 16 fall in the circa sub 50hp class.

The CK range, with 8 models from 22 to 34hp, offers either mechanical or hydro drive. Base model CK22M features a 6F/2R part synchro ‘box, while all other mechanical CK machines have an 8F/8R offering. Likewise, the CK22H hydro has a 2-range transmission whilst others have 3, offering more choice of speed range but still from zero to the top speed specified. Creep is optional on all mechanical models bar the CK22M.

Across the CK range, Kioti fit 3 cylinder water-cooled diesel engines, ranging in capacity from 1007 to 1647cc. All also feature power steering and wet disc brakes. The smallest machine does have a lesser spec when it comes to hydraulics and PTOs, offering 29 l/minute and a lift of 503kg at the ball ends +600mm, whereas the other models a total flow of nearly 49 l/minute (including separate steering pump) and a lift of 800kg. For those wanting 540 and 1000rpm PTO drive, the top 3 models can offer this but the CK22 can offer standard mid 2000rpm drive for mowers where it is optional elsewhere.

The latest models from the Kioti are the EX machines. Featuring new styling, these feature full synchromesh mechanical transmissions with creep as standard, or as an option two pedal hydrostatic transmission for those who need infinite speed control. To complement the EX’s new styling, Kioti fit a brand new LCD

display with easy to read information panel. Horsepower wise, 4 models with either mechanical or hydro drive are offered, from 38 to 50 gross hp and with either a 3 or 4 cylinder engine dependent on spec. A more sophisticated transmission system, especially on the mechanical machines, is to be found with EX models where a 24F/24R synchro shuttle unit is used, offering a top speed of 27.8kph. A rear 540rpm PTO is standard, which is fully independent. As a bonus, Kioti fit a 2000rpm mid PTO as standard so mower users have further options too. As with the CK models, the EX range can be specified with a wide range of tyres including industrial, turf, ag or fine turf.

The largest models offered to just over 50hp are the Kioti DK range. Three machines, ranging in size from 45 to 54 gross hp, are fitted with a full synchromesh shuttle 12F/12R transmission, twin pump hydraulics and twin double acting spool valves as standard. A three speed PTO is also part of the standard spec, and offers 540, 750 and 1000rpm speeds to allow a wide range of implements to be utilised. Again, a range of tyres can be specified to suit your application.

Both CK and DK machines can be specified with Mauser cabs, adding around £4 to 5,000 onto the RRP. Kioti also offer their own loader and backhoe systems for all ranges.

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Perhaps one of the forerunners in compact tractors, Kubota continue to offer a wide range of compact machines that now encompasses a wide selection up to around 50hp.

Kubota’s sub compact range comprises the BX2350, which packs a 23hp 3 cylinder Kubota diesel engine, twin speed hydro transmission and selectable 4wd. Standard is a 540rpm rear/2000rpm mid PTO combination and hydrostatic steering too. A choice of tyres suits most needs, with possibly the most likely use of this machine is as a high specification ride on mower where other attachments are also used. That said, Kubota offer a full range of mower decks 1.2 up to 1.5m width (both side and rear discharge) plus a full spec loader.

The smallest machines in the Kubota range are the 14hp B1410 and 16hp B1610, which hark back from the company’s history in compact machines. A basic 6F/2R gearbox is provided, along with selectable 4wd. Rear PTO of 540/1000rpm is standard, as is a 2545rpm mid shaft for mower use. Both turf and ag spec tyres can be specified on these machines.

Also in the B range are four machines from 18 to 30hp, in 11 model specs. The B1830D has an 18hp engine, 9F/9R gearbox and rear 540rpm/mid 2500rpm PTO. The 22hp B2230D and 25hp B2530D come in either mechanical or hydrostatic transmission specification. Mechanical models get the same 9F/9R unit as their smaller cousin while HST variants benefit from a three-speed unit. The 30hp B3030 model tops the B series, which is an HST only machine. All HST machine have Kubota’s Bi-Speed turn system, which is said to both reduce scuffing and turning circle, plus get cruise control too. The largest 3 models can be specified with a factory fit air-conditioned cab, or come with a ROPS frame as standard. Either ag or turf spec tyres can be fitted, and options include Kubota mower decks.

Next up are the STV series, which Kubota say have been designed exclusively for the European market. Three models are on offer from 32 to 40hp, and all feature a three range HST transmission and three speed PTO system (540 and 800rpm rear, 2500rpm mid). Capable of up to 30kph, the STV machines are going to be fairly nippy between jobs and with wet disc brakes, operators can stop in a hurry too. With Bi Speed turn engaged, Kubota claim a turning radius of 2.5m, so manoeuvring around trees and between buildings should be no problem. A cab is available for all STV models too.

Above the STV machines, Kubota class the other models as Mid-Range and these include the L3200, L3540, L4240 and L5040, covering 32, 37, 44 and 52hp respectively. The L3200 features sliding gear 8F/4R mechanical transmission, rear live 540rpm PTO and folding ROPS. It’s aimed at the more cost conscious customer who may need not the spec of other machines Kubota offer in this horsepower sector.

The 3540, 4240 and 5040 models all come as standard with an 8F/8R transmission that can be upped to 16F/16R with creep. The 5040 has the option of Kubota’s Glide Shift system which offers 8 more forward gears and a on the go shift feature. All but the Glide Shift version have a 540/750rpm independent rear PTO (GST version has 540 only) and creep speed can be utilised for trenching or aerating applications. If you need a cab, opt for either of the larger machines as this is an option, if not a ROPS is specified. All 40 series machines have Kubota’s Intellipanel information system built into the dashboard.

01844 214500


As part of AGCO, Massey Ferguson has expanded its range of groundcare and amenity machines but still continue to offer a range of sub-compact and compact tractors that find favour with golf course, council and sportsfield users alike.

In sub-compact circles, MF have their 20hp 22-20GC and 28hp 22-28GC models. Both feature Perkins diesel engines and twin range hydrostatic transmissions. The larger machine has 2 or 4wd, selectable when required, and both have a differential lock for slopes and banks or where traction is lost. Combined with their hydrostatic drive, both machines have a cruise control feature so for wide open mowing the driver is free to concentrate on steering and operating the machine. Out back, MF provides a 540rpm PTO and linkage, capable of lifting of 465 and 522kg depending on machine. Mid mount mowers can also be fitted and are driven by the mid PTO system, fitted as standard. Weather cab can also be chosen for harsher conditions or winter work.

For those wanting a more conventional compact machine, the MF 1500 range covers from 19 to 46hp with 7 models. All but the largest 1547 model have three cylinder engines (1540 has three cylinder turbocharged and 1547 has four cylinder) and feature three transmission types, including both two and three speed hydrostatic drives. MF have chosen to offer two 32hp models – the 1531 and 1533. The former is only available with a hydrostatic transmission while the 1533 comes in mechanical 12F/12R or with Dyna QPS only. This option, also available on the 1540 and 1547 machines, provides power shuttle and power shift gear changes, activated by a left hand lever and buttons. The operator also gets an advanced display system with this option. Mechanical machines can be fitted with creep too.

For implement power, all 1500 series machines have standard rear 540rpm PTO with mid 2000rpm standard on the 1528 and 1531 and optional on all others. Rear CAT 1 linkage will lift from 540 to 1580kg dependent on model, and two spool valves come as standard on all but the smallest two models. A factory fit cab is optional on the largest three models, and this adds a high specification seat amongst other features. Without cab, ROPS is standard.

MF also offer three 2400 series models too, which range from 33 to 47hp. A four cylinder Mitsubishi engine provides the power, and drive comes through a 12F/12R synchromesh gearbox. A rear 540/1000rpm PTO is standard across the range plus front and mid shafts can be specified along with a front linkage to offer more options with attachments. A rear lift of 1,200kg capacity has various working functions and two rear spools are standard. If the standard ROPS isn’t up to your demands, a cab can be fitted to the 2410 and 2415 models, which includes an air conditioning option.

Massey Ferguson
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Mitsubishi offer six model variants from UK importers Master Farm Services,from 20 to 30hp with either mechanical or hydrostatic transmissions.

The MT200D (20hp) features either a 6F/2R mechanical gearbox or 2 range hydro. Standard position control hydraulics can be fitted with draft control, and a single spool outlet is optional too. Both 540 and 1000rpm PTO is standard to rear, with a mid mount 2000rpm unit optional for mowers. The larger MT260D (26hp) and MT301D (30hp) both have a 9F/3R mechanical gearbox or 3 range hydrostatic setup. All feature position control as standard with optional draft setting too. PTO wise, these offer the same spec as the MT200D. All three models have CAT 1 linkage, lifting from 635 up to 1,000kg. Across the range, hydrostatic steering is standard as is a 3 position tilting steering column. Cabs and full road lighting can be specified if needed and either ag or turf tyres can be ordered.
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For those who favour the blue of New Holland, the company can now offer a wide range of machines including a sub compact lineup.

Their range commences with this specification, and includes two models – the 21hp TZ21 and 24hp TZ24, which New Holland say are a lighter duty type machine than a normal compact but a similar size to a large lawn tractor. Three cylinder diesel engines provide the power and four wheel drive traction is via a dual speed hydrostatic gearbox, which can be specified with electronic cruise control. A rear CAT 1 linkage will haul up 318kg and both models have live 540rpm rear/2000rpm mid PTO. The well-specified operator area has a suspension seat with fore/aft adjustment for the more or less leggy driver, seat belt and ROPS frame. The TZ21 has a fixed ROPS whereas the TZ24 features a folding type, so suitable for access to those hard to reach areas or for transport. A 29.5 litre fuel tank is also provided for a full day’s work. Mid mount decks of 1.37 and 1.52m are optional.

Similar horsepower is available in the shape of New Holland’s compact TC21D and TC24D, which can either be ordered in triple range hydrostatic or 9F/3R mechanical guise. A CAT 1 linkage with 669kg capacity is standard, as is PTO to rear and mid on hydrostatic models (mechanical has option of mid drive). ROPS frames are either fixed or folding dependent on model, and the TCD models can be specified with a mid mount 1.52m mower.

Slightly larger are the TCDA models, covering 31 to 45hp with either mechanical or hydro gearboxes. The TC31DA, TC40DA and TC45DA all come in both guises, with the two speed Power Range hydrostatic system fitted to the larger two models that provides more torque to the wheels via switch. Uses for this include loader work and with a trailed load, increasing torque and performance on a slope say New Holland. The TC31DA and TC35DA have a three speed hydro unit. Mechanical ‘boxes are 9F/3R for the TC31DA and an impressive 24F/24R unit for the largest models, with a minimum creep speed of 0.13kph, so ideal for trenching or aeration work.

Up to three rear remote spools can be specified and the rear CAT 1 linkage will lift a maximum of 1,486kg on the top two machines. PTO power is from a 540 or an E (Economy) mode at rear on the two top models (540 only on TC31DA and TC35DA), with a mid 2000rpm shaft standard on all hydro machines. New Holland’s SuperSteer system can be specified on all models, which gives a steering angle of 75 degrees. SensiTrak, which is an automatic 4wd system, is part of the SuperSteer package to reduce scuffing and preserve tyres when 4wd is not needed.

Four T3000 models (formerly known as TCE) are available as manual transmission machines only, and are aimed at the economy end of the compact market. Basic features on offer include Yanmar engines from 35 to 54hp, 16F/16R gearbox (speeds from 250m/hr to 30kph), mechanically engaged 4wd and two-speed rear PTO. Optional extras such as air-conditioned cabin, 1000 rpm rear PTO and front lift/PTO are available too, making the T3000 models quite suited to both basic plus specialist tasks alike.

New Holland
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Building your own compact tractor is maybe something that you would not have considered but leaders in this field Siromer has four models to choose from, at a price that may be attractive to many buyers with smaller budgets.

Chinese built, Siromer start off their range with the 20hp 204, a two cylinder entry level machine. This comes with a CAT 1 three point linkage, fixed roll bar, 8.3” wide (210mm) rear ag tyres and 6” wide (150mm) units at the front. Four wheel drive is standard, with 12F/4R gears giving a top speed of 25.6kph. A full diff lock is fitted too, as is a full 540/1000rpm PTO and CAT 1 rear linkage.

Moving up, Siromer offer the 204S at 20hp, which features a three cylinder engine in lieu of the 204’s two cylinder unit. Slightly longer than its smaller brother, the 204S can be fitted with wider ag and or turf tyres to offer more potential applications. Available in standard or creeper spec, the 204S will suit many needs of smaller operators who want a specification but without the cost. Both the 204 and 204S only come in flat pack form for self build.

The 30hp 304 model comes either fully built or in flat pack format (fully built adds £1,750 to cost over flat pack) so for those with no time to build their own tractor, Siromer can deliver one ready assembled. As with the 204S, the 304 features a full PTO system, CAT 1 linkage and 12F/4R gearbox if specified with creep. Pro versions of the 204S and 304 offer CAT 1 and 2 linkage improved hand and foot throttle control and quarter turn flow control. This diverts oil from linkage to a trailer tipping pipe.

If you need even more horsepower, Siromer’s 404 may be the machine of choice. Featuring a four cylinder engine, the 404 tops the range and features the spec of the Pro models. Fitted with an Isuzu engine, the 404 also features double acting spool valve and up to 380mm wide ag tyres (or 355mm wide turf).

A cab can be fitted to Siromer machines if required and the company can offer a wide range of attachments, including loaders, backhoes and mowers.

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