Ormskirk-based Mallinson’s offers construction, drainage and renovation services for football and rugby pitches, golf courses and racecourses.

A crucial operation is reseeding football pitches and golf fairways to give new vigour to worn turf, while allowing a quick return to play. Choosing the right seeder is essential to give even and strong germination, while causing minimal disturbance to the existing sward.

Built in Holland and designed specifically for heavy duty work such as contracting, the Vredo Overseeder uses v-shaped cutting discs to produce a sharp slit, preserving the turf to either side. Seed is placed in the bottom of the slit, insuring good seed to soil contact. The roller presses down to cover the slit. Seeding depth is adjustable from 0.5cm to 2.5cm and rates are precisely adjustable.

After trialling a number of seeders, Mallinson’s chose the Compact version, with an 1.8m working width and 180 litre seed box capacity. Seed spacing of 7.5cm is ideal for sports pitches and fairways. The close coupled design of the Compact and a weight of just 965kg makes it an ideal partner for smaller tractors, giving a gentle tread on the turf.

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