Return to Demopark……..Kawasaki

Kawasaki returned to the Demopark Show in Eisenach, Germany, for the first time in ten years to showcase their new FJ-D and TJ53E Engines.
The air cooled 4-stroke horizontal shaft FJ-D series have been designed to give the best performance even in the most demanding conditions. The FJ180D offers a maximum torque of 11.7Nm at 2800rpm and the FJ220D has a maximum torque of 14.0Nm at 2800rpm, both are fitted with an internally vented carburetor for clean air flow which enhances performance and durability.
The TJ53E Engine meets all EU, USA and Japan emission regulations without the need for a catalytic converter. The lightweight and compact Engine has a dry weight of 4.5kg but is still designed for exceptional performance with a maximum torque of 3.0Nm at 5000rpm.

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