Futureproof&Waterproof……….Envirolink Northwest

Envirolink Northwest and Tim Fowler, Garden Designer are presenting the ‘Futureproof: Waterproof’ Garden at Tatton Park
As part of the garden design the garden is tiered so plants are situated on different levels and will survive when flooding occurs. The plants chosen are also drought tolerant so they can live longer when water is scarce. The planting in the garden reflects the need for gardens to be adapted to our changes in climate and the threats of severe weather that are becoming more and more familiar today.
The products and materials used in the garden either utilise low carbon technologies or are made from recycled materials, which mean they have a lower carbon footprint than products that are made from virgin. All of the garden elements are sourced from North West suppliers which lowers the carbon footprint further and provides an excellent example of regional suppliers who are environmentally aware.
The garden’s sustainable features range from planters made from 100% recycled British plastics to solar panels on the roof of the log store. The garden demonstrates how simple it is to take environmentally friendly products and use them to adapt your garden to help lower the impacts of climate change.
The RHS Flower Show Tatton Park takes place from 20-24 July 2011.
Visit the RHS website – www.rhs.org.uk

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