Delivery note …….Charterhouse Turf Machinery

Mundesley Golf Club has just taken delivery of a new Redexim Charterhouse 1.3M Verti-DrainTM.
The Verti-DrainTM 1513 is a very fast lightweight Aerator. This new model is driven by belts on each side of the machine and is powered by PTO, or by the new Redexim Carrier machine.

Depending on the weather they like to aerate once a month on the greens and tees, but their daily summer regime starts at 5 am with cutting of the greens. They don’t have a set routine but prefer to have a discussion first thing in the morning about what they think is needed and achievable during the course of the day. The tees get a mowing twice a week; the fairways once a week and the semi rough being cut once a fortnight. From then on they just roll on to the next job against a defined programme of overall maintenance that they stick to. Ground and weather conditions are obvious constraints.
Tel: +44 (0)1428 661222

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