SCH Sprayers come in a very wide variety of configurations. There are also accessories and attachments made for specific tasks, or to avoid certain problems.
Dribble bars and covers help you to avoid drift when spraying. Telescopic lances allow you to water hanging baskets, and multi nozzle booms give you a variety of spray applications.
They have even developed sprayers for manoeuvering over rough ground, and sprayers for narrow access areas, such as between flower beds or hedges.
Three Point Linkage Mounted Sprayer
This very versatile three point linkage sprayer has an integral 12 volt diaphragm pump powered from the tractor battery. The sprayer illustrated has a capacity 125 litre and is supplied with a 4 nozzle spray boom and hand lance. The lance is ideal for spot application of weed killers to nettles and docks. The hand lance and boom are easily changed over by means of quick release couplings.
Multi Nozzle Sprayer
The power sprayer has proved a very popular, versatile and simple to operate unit. The sprayer has a maximum capacity of 30 litres and is mounted on a three wheel robust tray chassis. The two rear wheels are pneumatic and the rear castor wheel acts as a line marker. The pump is a 12v diaphragm pump powered from its own integral battery. ( A charger is supplied with each machine.) A pressure gauge and a bypass regulator are fitted for the hand lance. The pump is run on a pressure system which means that when the spray is shut off the pump shuts down: Open, and the pump restarts.
TEl 01473 328272
Allman has been supplying the Spraying industry since 1944, both national and international.
They supply a comprehensive range of spraying equipment including accessories and safety equipment:
Midget Portable Spraying Unit
Midget Portable Spraying Unit Incorporating the Mini Comet 20/20 Diaphragm pump with adjustable relief valve and pressure gauge giving an output of 20 litres (4 gallons) a minute with an operating pressure of up to 20 bar (290 psi). The unit is offered with either a 3.5hp four stroke engine or 5/8 hp single phase electric motor directly coupled to the pump, all mounted on a base plate with carrying handle for ease of transport. Supplied complete with 3m of suction hose with strainer, 3m of return hose, 10m delivery hose with heavy duty brass hand lance with single cone nozzle. Nett weight of unit: 27kgs.
Trolley Mounted Sprayer
Comprising of Midget spraying unit with 3.5hp engine or single phase electric drive, and a 320 litre (70gallon) plastic tank mounted on a four wheel trolley. The drawbar is on a turntable for easy manoeuvarability and is suitable for attatching to a small garden tractor towbar. Supplied with one single nozzle heavy duty hand lance and 10metres of delivery hose, all neatly stowed away on the unit. Nett weight of unit: 146kgs.
CR70 Pedestrian Barrow Sprayer
CR70 Pedestrian Barrow Sprayer70 litre (15gallon) capacity plastic tank mounted in steel frame on a single wheel barrow and complete with Mini Comet 20/20 diaphragm pump driven by 3.5hp four stroke engine with relief valve and pressure gauge. A hose reel complete with 20metres of hose and a single nozzle hand lance is mounted on the sprayer frame as standard equipment. Nett weight of unit: 50kgs
TEl +44 (0) 1243 512511
Pest Control
At some time or other every home and garden is plagued by pests of one kind or another. Inside the home flies and wasps can be a real nuisance; ants are a common sight in the garden and outdoor spaces but can also, on occasions invade indoors in large numbers; and, of course, every home may be subject to a visit from mice or rats. All are a nuisance, many are a danger to health and safety, and some can cause serious damage to the house fabric.
Whenever these pests appear they need to controlled or eradicated. Under its market leading brand “NIPPON” Vitax produces a range of specific pest control products for household pests. By clicking the links opposite, you can find the ideal “do-it-yourself” solution to the problem you are facing.
In the garden, there are even more pests to deal with. Ants are still a nuisance, but in addition there are the ubiquitous slugs and snails, unsightly and unwelcome woodlice and then there are the insects that attack and destroy plants – caterpillars, greenfly, blackfly, whitefly, thrips, flea beetles, spider mites, leaf rollers, mealy bugs, scale insects….the list is almost endless.
Vitax offers a range of products that protect plants and lawns from unwanted animal damage and fouling. We may all love our pets, but the fact is that if not properly controlled they can ruin a garden. Vitax animal deterrents work by confusing an animal’s sense of taste and smell, ensuring they stay off areas and plants you wish to protect.

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