Metered-dose injector

Micron Group, has launched InjectorDos Pro – a metered-dose injector for the control of Japanese Knotweed aimed at the professional contractors and local authorities.
The new InjectorDos Pro features a stainless steel frame for added comfort and durability and is built to withstand the rigours of repetitive and frequent use. The applicator’s streamlined design enables easy access to the dense growth of Japanese Knotweed whereas the ergonomically shaped handle helps to reduce muscle fatigue despite continuous use, thus offering a faster and more efficient way of treating this invasive weed.
The device delivers herbicide into the hollow stems of the weed via one of its sharp and robust needles: the regular needle is slightly thicker in diameter and is designed to penetrate tough mature stems of Japanese Knotweed with minimal effort whereas the second finer needle is intended for follow-up treatment of young re-growth.
InjectorDos Pro design also includes a ‘dial-in’ facility which allows operators to dispense a pre-determined metered volume of herbicide formulation between 0.1ml and 2ml per shot. Generally a single 2 ml shot of glyphosate is administered between the second and third stem nodes.
The applicator is supplied with a compact one litre backpack with a built in in-line tap for easy shut off of liquid, a comfortable shoulder strap and a funnel. Easy to use and simple to maintain, InjectorDos Pro also features chemical resistant seals for extended longevity of the injector.
Packed with operator-friendly features, InjectorDos Pro offers the professional contractor a highly efficient yet competitively-priced solution for fast and safe elimination of Japanese Knotweed. Application by injection means there is no product loss to the surrounding area, making InjectorDos Pro an environmentally safer choice.
Tel 01885 482 397

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