The season of arboricultural seminars is once again under way at Barcham Trees’ Ely nursery, giving professionals from allied disciplines the opportunity to hear the latest in tree care thinking and research findings from a diverse range of some of the foremost names in the industry and the academic world.
But the company’s Keith Sacre is well aware there are planners, architects and landscape architects who may wish to improve their knowledge of trees, but are short on time. Barcham is now going ‘on the road’, giving companies and practices the chance to have an in-house seminar presented by one of its team of professionals.
These ‘On the Road’ sessions usually take the form of lunchtime continuous performance development meetings, but can be amended and adapted to meet specific requirements. The service is offered completely free of charge.
“We know that due to pressure of work it is not always easy for more many professionals to devote a whole day to a seminar, but our plan allows us to go to them to speak on an agreed topic at a convenient time and date”, said Keith.
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